100 Watt Category

WB1HBB 14-May-1993 1155 wrothberg at pfloyd.enet.dec.com
Fri May 14 09:57:44 EDT 1993

        As a 100 watt contester who won the SS New  Hampshire Section Low
        Power  category  for  the  last  two  years, I am opposed to  the
        concept.  I run a modest station (TS940S with a Mosley TA33 at 55
        feet) in a  terrible  topographic  area.   However, the Low Power
        category has allowed me to be a competitor.
        I don't imagine I would stand  much of a chance against the likes
        of K1DG in the same category.   Instead  of bumping everyone down
        to 100 watts, create more 100 watt categories in more contests so
        I  can  become more of a competitor.  Unless  I'm  DX-hunting,  I
        don't work many contests that don't have a 100 watt category.
        Warren Rothberg, WB1HBB

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