High versus low power

scsmh at GF-WAN.af.mil scsmh at GF-WAN.af.mil
Fri May 14 13:51:00 EDT 1993

I've sent a few individual responses, then thought I would
be better off posting my views to the reflector.

I am a 100W competitor.  Tribander at 40' and wire antennas.
Yet, I have never failed to place well in SS for my category.
And there have been times when I beat the dreaded high power
station.  I am willing to share my secret.

It's a hobby and piece of paper.  

If some of the successful high power stations are wanting
to, and challenging each other to reconsider their mode
of operation.  Go For It!  The playing field can never be
level, unless of course we all use cantennas.  Either way,
I will always have fun.  

Sorry, but will not be in the CW INT, have to be on the road.

73 bob  nd1h

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