100 watts???

J.P. Kleinhaus 74660.2606 at CompuServe.COM
Fri May 14 18:59:08 EDT 1993

I can see it now...zone 34 shows up on 40 meters in CQWW, everyone calls,
UB5XYZ 5934, IK0DOG 5934, UP5LID 5934 and so on.  Let's see if we can
completely even up the playing field by requiring people to put up lousy trap
dipoles at 10 ft and then put that station on as the multiplier station...great idea.
Think of all the money the cheapskates will save by not having to buy another amp
or tower.  Think I'll bury my tower upside down and see if I can still be competitive.
Any more bright ideas??

de J.P. AA2DU

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