ARRL Writeup Errors (was: low power in contests)

bob at bob at
Fri May 14 15:12:00 EDT 1993

Someone had mentioned being listed in the high power category
even though they had operated low power.  It happened once to
me a few years ago, when I operated low power in ARRL DX Phone.
I ended up leading Northern New Jersey and the Hudson Division
(first and last time I ever led anything!).  Unfortunately,
Billy and company listed me as high power and put K3FNW in the
Division Leader's box.  Many phone calls and many months later,
I was able to convince Billy to send me a certificate.  Many
more phone calls and many more months later, I was able to
convince him to send me the sticker for winning the division.
I never was able to convince him to print a correction.

How common is this problem?  Can anyone at the League explain
why they don't bother to print corrections?

Bob K2PH

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