100 watts and more

Larry Tyree tree at cmicro.com
Mon May 17 10:50:10 EDT 1993

1. Don't forget, there is a low power contest coming up this weekend!!  If
you missed the rules, let me know and I will send you a copy.

2. The N6TR Logging Software now supports sending the previous QSOs name (as
needed for the CQ INT sprint).  If you need an update, please let me know
ASAP.  If you asked for one a week or two ago, ask again as I think I forgot.

3. I am willing to try 100W, but I don't feel like doing QRP yet.  Sorry
Danny.  Guess I'm just not a real man yet.

4. As far as blasting into the low power category and beating up on the
little guys.  I submit that most of these guys are already beaten because
of their attitude.  Rick, K7GM, has made the top ten twice with a tribander
up at 52 feet and wires, and with monster power lines next to his house.  
While it is true that people won't make the top ten who would of before,
the top ten will mean a lot more.

5. Here is a mini TS-850S review for contesters.  First, go read the review
that NJ2L did a couple of years back.  Overall, it is a great radio.  It
was frustrating to find that they did away with the accessory jack so you
could connect an external receive antenna.  Another problem has to do with
locking out functions when you are in XMIT.  I thought they learned their 
lesson after the TS-930S, but I guess they forgot.  When in XMIT, you can't
do the A=B function.  This makes it difficult to run stations in a contest.
Since there isn't a RIT clear function (on the front panel), you would want
to operate split and hit the A=B button when saying "73 N6TR TEST".  This 
would return your RX frequency to your TX frequency.  My TS-430S allows you
to do this, but the new TS-850S doesn't.  I wish Kenwood would let me 
beta-test their software so I can find these bugs since they don't seem
able to do it on their own.

I might have a work around if you are using my program.  There is a command
that can be sent to the radio to clear the RIT.  This may seem strange since
the RIT is a POT, but it even mentions the fact that the POT won't be centered
anymore for zero offset.  So, HOPEFULLY this command will execute when in 
XMIT (WHAT?  You mean all computer commands are disabled when in XMIT?  I 
hope not!!).  If so, I can send this command whenever you send the QSL
MESSAGE or a CQ (giving you the chance to recenter it).

More after I get a few contests under my belt.

Yes, the old C-Line actually moved up out of the number one radio slot.  Also
if anyone is looking for a MINT C-Line that has spent it's life in the box,
it is my spare and is for sale.  Serial numbers are over 27,000.  These
were like the last ones made.

Tree N6TR
tree at cmicro.com

"Oh no!  This is as real as your so called "life" gets."  Q to Cpt. Picard

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