Kite-supported antennas ?

Dave Palmer raid5!davep at
Fri May 21 12:07:56 EDT 1993

Does anyone have hints or lore to share about KITE-supported

I know folks have used them for 160-meter contests but I think
even for 80- and 40-meters they might be fun to try. 

Were your antennas 1/4 wave?   Has anyone tried 5/8 wave?
How many radials have you used?    
How important is it that the antenna wire be vertical 
(since the kite is likely to move around with the wind)?    
Or, would it be useful to use the kite to support the far
end of an end-fed wire (and in that case, trying to keep 
the wire more parallel to the ground?) 
Is there a table that lists the strength of various wire gauges?   
Or, what size wire should be used to the kite?   (Lighter is better 
for flying but I'll need the equivalent of 85-lb.-test wire). 

I have CC and R's which forbit outside antennas but kites are
OK!   And here in Boulder County I think I'd have no problem 
with several hours of unattended kite flying at a time for say, 
dabbling the CQ-INT contest on 40!    Plus Field Day is coming

Thanks for any ideas!    73, Dave, N6KL/0

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