Lack of "Scott" in INT, . - -.-.

Mon May 24 17:49:53 EDT 1993

Okay, I must come clean, I am one reason that "Scott" never got into the
cycle. I messed up.....woe is me! My first QSO was Scott, K5TA. My 2nd QSO I
think I sent "Mike" again. Sorry Tom (K2TW)! Fortunately, my 3rd QSO (AA5UO)
I was asked to repeat my name and I realized I had goofed. Thanks UO! Saved my
backside. You also worked me 6 times! Most times worked was AA5B, 13 times,
followed by K2TW, 10 times. I'de thank you all by name if I could remember....
I sure did note alot of what appeared to be "broken names". I
imagine I may even be responsible for some (sure hope not, but "Foamy"?-geez).
Anybody work Beetlejuice? Me either...but after Wormcake and Slimebag, why not?

Now, my question to Tree is: Will I be penalized for breaking a name? With
your programming technology, I imagine you can put all logs in the proverbial
hopper, shake well, and tell exactly who broke what names. This leads to
another question: Will you publish statistics on operator quality? Geez, I
sure hope so!!! Really, what better way to see how good an operator is than
to see how well she/he copies an exchange. I think it would be an excellent
addition to the results info to list all operators breakage rate and make
that a factor in scoring. With this type of contest, it is no problem, it
is merely a SMOP. Maybe you had intended to do this and I am stating the

My congratulations to Tree for coming up with a winner of a contest! I had a
great time and will look forward to the next INT contest. I may have to pull
out my old childhood nickname!
73 & see ya in CQ WPX!

Michael R. Conatore
(503) 294-6769
mconator at
IBM Oregon Trading Area
1211 S. W. Fifth Avenue Suite 1000  Portland, Oregon 97204

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