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Fri May 28 23:47:12 EDT 1993

In 1990 when I started to emerge from ham-radio hibernation, I picked up
a copy of the ARRL Operating Manual edited by Bob Halprin, K1XA.  It's
copyright 1990.  Chapter 7, "Contests", was written by Clarke Greene,
K1JX.  Thought y'all might be amused by some excerpts from a sidebar
called "Computers and Contests".  73.  --John/K2MM

    Although many have suggested it, few have tried using a computer
    during a contest. . . .  A number of programs exist for
    real-time logging functions, but very few hams use them. . . .

    From the operator side, the big difficulty is learning to cope
    with a complex piece of equipment like a computer after
    concentrating for 42 hours, with only three hours sleep. . . .
    Adding the additional burden of having to press the correct
    computer keys might be too much for most people.  Imagine your
    delight at pressing the reset key a half hour before the contest
    is over. . . .

    N6TR has written and successfully used a program that allowed
    him (or rather, his station) to call stations automatically
    during the ARRL Field Day.  The computer did all the tuning, the
    logging, transmitting and receiving on CW. . . .

    The most widely accepted use of a personal computer for contest
    applications is for log preparation after the contest. . . .

This is followed by 37 pages of listings of several programs in BASIC
for post-contest log preparation.  They are available on disk from the
author for $5.

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