James Brooks 0005851359 at mcimail.com
Mon May 31 10:31:00 EDT 1993

In response to the questions about Spratly, and
why certain people cannot copy them, you must understand
that from places like W4 (especailly W4 in fact) the window
on 20m is very narrow.  Running an R5, I almost wouldn't
even attempt that path.

Try 15 meters, 1530-1700Z short path.  Thats when those of
us also out here in the South China Sea (Singapore) get to work
those without beams and KW's.  In fact, I worked 5 QRP'ers from
W3 and W4 not 5 days ago.  9M0S is barely 300 miles from me, so
I would expect the same conditions. 

Second best path, as was mentioned (very accurately, by the way)
is on 40m cw - your sunrise or sunset.  Simple reason being
less crowds, no waiting and no lids.   Signals are as good if not
better than 20.  The window is still narrow, but as long as your 
timing is right, it's a breeze.  

Good hunting!

James, 9V1YC (Singapore)

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