Portable NOT!

smithb at GF-WAN.af.mil smithb at GF-WAN.af.mil
Mon Nov 1 21:27:00 EST 1993

I am glad the rules have changed.  It use to be decreed that
I would have to sign portable zero.  Five extra syllables kind
of negates the benefit of having studied to get a shorter callsign.
(I used to be WA1UZD - ugghhh)  Contests are supposed to be a test
of operator skill.  When you rely on the computer, you takes your
chances.  I intend to submit a disk just to catch the fast burners
that logged me in zone 5, just because the computer says so.  To
me, you have not proven exceptional operator skills and deserve the
	BTW, concrete in the ground, steel support structure and
rotating aluminum does not equal a portable operation.  I'm not
bitter, just want to have contests test operator skill.
	See ya in CW SS, I'm not a fast burner here also.  20 WPM
is my cruising speed.  73 Bob ND1H

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