rkaufmn at CC.UManitoba.CA rkaufmn at CC.UManitoba.CA
Tue Nov 2 08:34:24 EST 1993

                   CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST  1993

      Call: VE4GV                    Country:  Canada 
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Single Operator
                                               15 Single Band LOW POWER                Club Affiliation: Black Hole Contest Conspiracy

       15     1099     2574     2.34     28     104

     Totals   1099     2574     2.34     28     104  =>  339,768

Equipment Description: FT 1000D KT34XA @ 66 ft

Looks like 15 M was the place to be if you wanted to go single band. Good
conditions with lots of DX coming in from all over. Band closings gave
the rotator a good workout as it was possible to work Scandanavia, Africa
and Asia all at the same time. Starting to wonder about the pattern of the
KT 34XA on 15 m. I was getting pretty favorable reports off the BACK of the
 beam. Its actually a very good antenna for a VE4 domestic contests but it
obviously doesn't perform as well in DX tests, especially with only 100 w.
Best catches: Having C91J and D2SA call me during runs
 Frustrations: Unable to work SU2MT through pile up and listening to A22MN
go QRT because of an unruly mob. Why don't guys listen before they call ?
I still can't believe the 15 m country totals of the boys at N2RM and KC1XX.
I worked practically everything I heard yet I still got smoked by at least
40 countries on that band !!  Its enough to give you a complex or at least
convince you to move east. ( "Go east young man" I recall reading on the
Derrick VE4VV and I are looking forward to SS next week. Now, if I can just
keep my xyl's water from busting until AFTER the weekend of the 21st, I'll
be a happy guy . What's that about "rate" dear ? No I'm not talking about
your rate of contractions, I'm talking RATE. Gotta go guys.  What was I
thinking about 9 months ago ? Well, maybe I wasn't THINKING at the time.
CU in SS.
Charter Member - 40 Below Barenaked Contesters -
"If you gotta contest ... do it naked "

>From Walter Kornienko (GC-DSTI) <waltk at PICA.ARMY.MIL>  Tue Nov  2 14:58:01 1993
From: Walter Kornienko (GC-DSTI) <waltk at PICA.ARMY.MIL> (Walter Kornienko (GC-DSTI))
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 93 9:58:01 EST
Subject: Missing Multipliers
Message-ID: <9311020958.aa15833 at COR5.PICA.ARMY.MIL>

Bob, K2PH writes:

>Here's one that the latest CQWW.CTY file didn't pick up.
>IB9S claims that he was on Sicily.  Anybody know if all
>Ix9 stations are on Sicily?  Or is this going to be like
>the Shetlands, where there is a list of stations in the
>CQWW.CTY file that count for that country?

I would be interested in seeing a list of call signs for 
multipliers that CT could not resolve this past weekend. 
Bob points out the Shetlands and IB9S.  Are there others?
I suspect I may have worked several GM stations that
were on the Shetlands but CT did not pick up.  Although AD1C's 
latest CQWW.CTY file (10/25) which is very accurate, no one can 
second guess what will happen during a contest.
                     73 de Walt - K2WK

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