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Tue Nov 9 09:37:46 EST 1993

For your information:

1. Bosnia-Herz. is a recognized country by the UN.
2. Bosnia-Herz. is a recognized country by the DARC (WAE)+ARRL.
3. X5 stations are serbian stations operating in occupied 
   T9. They are not in the country YU.
4. X5's are not legally licensed by the T9 government.
5. X5 stations are stations operating illegally in the country of 
6. Since X5 stations are NOT licensed by the T9 government, they  
   are NOT amateur radio stations and count for NO country or     
   points. They are to be considered military or CB stations.
7. Therefore 0 credit.
   I think this makes sense until the UN etc sorts out what
countries are what or new information concerning their legality in
the eyes of the Bosnian Gov't. reveals itself.
   The CQWW strictly recognizes the WAE + DXCC list. Neither one
recognize X5 stations. The WAE list mentions: S5, T9, 9A, Z3 and YU
as being countries of the former Yugoslavia. 

73 Bob, K3EST

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