Ct and Serial Numbers:

tbarnett at lexmark.com tbarnett at lexmark.com
Wed Nov 17 21:38:03 EST 1993

In his note, Jeff N9HZQ wrote about CT messing up serial numbers:

Yes, i had the same problem in CW-SS.  I had 2 computers going, one on
each radio.  The problem would come and go, but was heavily influenced
by how many Q's i made on the S&P computer.  It would also affect the
S/N sent, and it was a real crap shoot what serial number was going to
be sent on the "run computer", and CT was the dealer.  I was always
aborting with ESC, and manually sending the exchange.  I watched the
summary window to keep track of what S/N to send, it was always right.
Hope Ken fixes this soon.  tyler N4TY

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