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Thu Nov 18 15:32:14 EST 1993

I need a cable for the W9XT Contest Card (DVK) that I just bought.  LTA
Industries has them, but I just called there (216-533-0087) and there's no
answer.  It just rings and rings.  Is this the right number?  I got it from
an ad in an old NCJ.  I'd really like the cable by phone SS, which means I
gotta order it today (Thursday).  Any help would be appreciated!

- Scott KA9FOX at

>From tree at (Larry Tyree)  Thu Nov 18 21:47:47 1993
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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 93 13:47:47 PST
Subject: deleting QSOs
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You should never delete a previous QSO if you work a guy again and he
insists he isn't a dupe.  A good example is the one QSO I removed from
my September CW Sprint log.  I worked WX3M, but thought I was working
WX3N.  Later WX3N came by and tried to work me and my software blew 
him off.  However, he persisted and I logged the second QSO.  After
the contest, I noticed the different names and also saw WX3M in other
people's log.  (I can note that if he would of sent his call during the
exchange, I might of caught it then and there).

Now, if I had removed the first QSO with WX3N (who was really WX3M), I
could create a 2 QSO penalty in WX3M's log because he now does not
appear in the N6TR log.  If I bust his call, it doesn't count against 
him, but if I remove the QSO, it does.

You should ALWAYS log what happens.  If you work someone and don't end
up in their log, my checking software looks to see if you worked them
later on and verifies that contact.  You will not be penalized for
not being in their log the first time.  If you feel better, you can
count the first QSO as the dupe (zero points) and count the second one.

Tree N6TR

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Date: 18 Nov 93 14:29:07 PST
Subject: I am NOT a dupe]
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 I usually log the second QSO as a dupe and put a note in the log to the
 effect of, "He says he's not a dupe."  I leave them both in because one
 cannot tell which to delete.  You have to trust the log-checker to give you
 the benefit of the doubt on such QSO's;  I don't think they should count in
 penalties, because it is a marked duplicate (not one which the checker has
 to find).

 Dave K5GN

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