Timewave DSP-9 modification

wmhein at aol.com wmhein at aol.com
Sun Nov 21 12:19:23 EST 1993

I recently purchased a Timewave DSP-9 audio filter.  It's an amazing little
box.  The DSP-9 CW filters have RAZOR SHARP skirts.  Signals simply vanish
the moment they are outside the passband.  Awesome.

I had one gripe with the unit.  The 600 and 750 Hz CW filter center
frequencies the device was programmed with are too high for hard-core CW
DXing.  A call to Timewave revealed an "undocumented feature" which allows
the center filter frequencies to be shifted down to 400 & 500 Hz, a big

(1)  Remove the DSP-9's rear panel.

(2)  Locate the three miniature sets of "prongs" (don't know what else to
call them) poking out the rear of the circuit board.

(3)  The #1 prongs come from the factory shorted.  Leave them alone.

(4)  Add a computer-style shorting strap to the #2 prongs.

(5)  Your DSP-9 now has selectable 400 & 500 Hz CW center frequencies.

Bill AA6TT

>From ku4j at attmail.com (Tim  Pearson )  Sun Nov 21 23:22:55 1993
From: ku4j at attmail.com (Tim  Pearson ) (Tim  Pearson )
Date: 21 Nov 93 23:22:55 GMT
Subject: KU4J SS SCORE

Only had opportunity to operate about 17 hours.
Class single-op high power

Q's   SEC     total
1228   77      189,112

Clean sweep! Got 3 VE8's...got last section sunday morning when KP4 called

73's tim

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  20-Nov-1993 1129 <reisert at wrksys.enet.dec.com>  Sat Nov 20 16:25:59 1993
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  20-Nov-1993 1129 <reisert at wrksys.enet.dec.com> (Jim Reisert AD1C 20-Nov-1993 1129)
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 93 11:25:59 EST
Subject: CT bug?
Message-ID: <9311201625.AA06969 at us1rmc.bb.dec.com>

------------------Reply to mail dated 20-NOV-1993 04:59:25.69------------------

I brought this up with Ken this week.  We seem to think CT still gives
country credit for /MM QSOs, contraary to what K3EST published heere a week
or two ago.

Ken has had this on his plate for 5 years, maybe he needs to be nudged

Fortunately, not too many rare DX stations are /MM during the contests.

73 - Jim AD1C

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