So much for the coffee mug

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Mon Nov 22 08:21:21 EST 1993

First let me say that SSB contesting is not my "thing."  But I did want the
red cup for a clean sweep.  So I invested 12 hours of my weekend in SS SSB
from home, single op low power, with the following results:

        526 Qs, 74 sections

Missed VE1, KP2, and KP4.  

I'm amazed to see all the 77s in the 3830 list.  I guess there must have
been some of these guys going around answering CQs.

I worked no fewer than 3 VY1s, one of whom called me during the first half
hour on Saturday afternoon!

I did hear KP4CZ on 21263 on Sunday about 1800Z.  Poor guy was overwhelmed
by an unruly pileup and gave up in frustration (his and those of us in the
pile).  Oh well.  What PR station did all you big guys work?

Wait til next year!

--Jim, K6ZH

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