SS SSB KI3V vs. K6LL Analysis

K6LL at K6LL at
Wed Nov 24 22:30:35 EST 1993

Here is a comparison of K6LL vs. KI3V in SS SSB. Thanks to Rich, KI3V, for
providing his band breakdown and equipment list. Equipment here at K6LL is a
TS-850 and SB-220.

                  KI3V    K6LL    Diff        KI3V           K6LL
Band              QSOs    QSOs    V-LL        ANT            ANT
10                374     525     -151        mono@~60'      KT34XA at 49'
                                              TH7 at 102'

15                764     576      188        "                    "
20                387     516     -129        "                    "
                  ---     ---      ---
Daytime Subt'l   1525    1617      -92

40                658     439      219        40-2CD at 112'     40-2CD at 55' 
75                 98      99       -1        InvVee at 102'     Sloper at 47' 
                  ---     ---      ---
Night Subt'l      756     538      218

Grand Total      2281    2155      126

My analysis of the above:

1. I think N4KG's article "Higher Is Better, Right?" in the latest NCJ is
   exactly on the mark. I never felt any disadvantage with my low tribander
   during the daytime on 10, 15 or 20. No problem holding a frequency, and
   lots of comments like "boy, are you loud!" On the other hand, I think my
   10 meter propagation conditions may have been better than Rich's. 

2. Rich killed me on 40 meters. I got pushed all over the band and
   could not hold a frequency at all. I heard Rich running stations like
   crazy all Saturday evening on 40M. Somewhere between 55'(my antenna
   height) and 112' (Rich's antenna height) is the signal threshold that
   allows a Western station to hold a frequency on 40 meter SSB. A
   comparison of ground reflection gain at the two heights follows:

Vertical   Approx. skip    112' high       55' high         High ant
Angle      distance        antenna         antenna          advantage
5          2400 mi (W1)    -3db            -12db            9db
10         1900 mi (W3)     3db             -3db            6db
15         1600 mi (W8)     5db              1db            4db
20         1400 mi (W9)     6db              3db            3db
25         1200 mi          4db              3db            1db
30          900 mi          2db              3db           -1db

Of course, there are a lot of variables that are difficult to evaluate, but
I'm convinced that the high antenna on 40 meters is critical to success at
night, and critical to overall success. I don't think 80 is really important
from way out West. Now, how to get that 40 meter antenna up over 100 feet on
a 70x100 residential lot...

k6ll at

>From Yuri A. Kurinyi <firm at>  Thu Nov 25 06:46:13 1993
From: Yuri A. Kurinyi <firm at> (Yuri A. Kurinyi <firm at>)
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 93 09:46:13 +0300
Subject: QSL address UA9AM, RZ9AZA.
Message-ID: <ABrI5zi8X5 at>

Hi, All.

QSL address of UA9AM, UA9AJ and RZ9AZA: P.O.Box 50, Chelyabinsk,
454899, Russia.
Do not enclose the IRC, it's useless in Russia.

I'll be single band (40) in CQWW CW with 3L monoband Yagi.
See ya.

73, Yuri, UA9AM.

>From Keskinen Petri <oh3mep at>  Thu Nov 25 09:07:49 1993
From: Keskinen Petri <oh3mep at> (Keskinen Petri)
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1993 11:07:49 +0200 (GMT)
Subject: Market reef (OJ0) on cqww
Message-ID: <9311250907.AA13769 at>

 > Market Reef:              15:  OJ0:   OH0MA,OH0MB,OH0MD,OJ0;
 Just wanted to let You all know, that there will be a station signing
 OH0MB on the contest (cqww cw), and He really is located on Market
 Reef. He will most likely run 40m single band. There will also be 
 Seppo OH1VR (OH3MMM) and He will have serious effort on 80m single.
 I don't know sure which call He will be using, but I think He'll
 be OJ0/OH1VR. There will be also one other guy , running perhaps
 single 15m , but not yet sure if it will be OH2BBF or OH6LI.
 Pedition is possible only if WX is permitting, now here is windy and
 temp abt. -5 C .
 Cu all on contest!
 Pete, oh3mep (one of the OH3NE M/S-gang)

>From Sylvan Katz <sylvank at>  Thu Nov 25 09:39:53 1993
From: Sylvan Katz <sylvank at> (Sylvan Katz)
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 93 9:39:53 WET
Subject: UK CQWW M/S Station
Message-ID: <17548.9311250939 at>

Thanks to all who replied to my request for information about locating a
UK contest station for the CQWW. 

I am going to be working the CQWW CW from a M/S station in Hemel
Hempstead (GB5DX or GB5AA - they were undecided which call to use last

I will likely operate Sat 1200-1600 GMT and Sun 0000-0400 GMT. Look
forward to hearing you all.

                       *** Dr. J. Sylvan Katz *** 
 Science Policy Research Unit, Mantell Building, University of Sussex,
               Falmer, Brighton, East Sussex, UK  BN1 9RF 
		Tel: (273) 686758 ext 3617  Fax: (273) 685865
				G0TZX & VE5ZX

>From Daniel R. Violette" <Daniel_R._Violette at  Thu Nov 25 10:31:19 1993
From: Daniel R. Violette" <Daniel_R._Violette at (Daniel R. Violette)
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 93 02:31:19 PST
Subject: KI6X M/S SS Phone Result
Message-ID: <9310257542.AA754223479 at>

                            ARRL SWEEPSTAKES 1993
           Call: KI6X                     Country:
           Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi Single
           BAND     QSO    QSO PTS    SECTIONS
           160        0        0           0
            80      109      218           0
            40      312      624           0
            20      348      696           0
            15      296      592           0
            10        0        0           0
          Totals   1065     2130          77  =   164,010
     Power Output: 1000 watts
     Operator List: KI6X, N4EA, WB6JMS, KN6BU

>From Lyndon Nerenberg <lyndon at>  Thu Nov 25 19:07:58 1993
From: Lyndon Nerenberg <lyndon at> (Lyndon Nerenberg)
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1993 11:07:58 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Yesterday's Ethics
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9311251157.G18796-a100000 at>

On Wed, 24 Nov 1993, Derek Wills wrote:
> If the stakes were higher - e.g. monetary prizes - perhaps we would

Ah, but then you're accepting remuneration for operating an amateur radio
station. This is only legal if you are operating on 5 bands (or more)
simultaneously with all transmitters being driven by the same mic or
keyer. Based on this restriction the multi/multi category could be wiped
off the books, and the multi/single category would not be necessary as W1AW
would win by acclimation every time :-)

--lyndon VE7TCP/VE6BBM

>From oo7 at (Derek Wills)  Thu Nov 25 21:52:56 1993
From: oo7 at (Derek Wills) (Derek Wills)
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 93 15:52:56 CST
Subject: Trey/HC
Message-ID: <9311252152.AA26675 at>

Just talked with our fearless leader, who is WN4KKN/HC5 at the
moment (the moment being 2050 UT Nov 25 - he's on 21027).  He
will be doing the contest from HC5K, with the call HD9N (sounds
like a new prefix to me...).  QSL via me.  He says there is a
fair amount of line noise there, and nothing spectacular in the
way of antennas for 80/160, but I'm sure we'll hear him OK.

Dave WD5N may be active from HC8 during the contest, perhaps
with his home call/HC8, perhaps his own HC8 call.

Derek AA5BT

>From wb6cje at (Jim rinkert)  Thu Nov 25 22:05:17 1993
From: wb6cje at (Jim rinkert) (Jim rinkert)
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 93 14:05:17 PST
Message-ID: <iJcLDc4w165w at>


BAND            QSO'S           ZONES           COUNTRIES

160               0               0                  0

80                72              7                  21

40                798             22                 72

20                843             26                 70

15                1144            27                 81

10                1517            21                 75

TOTALS            4374            103                319

                TOTAL SCORE: 4,528,482

EQUIPMENT:      IC 735  75 WATTS
                10/15/20-3ELE TRIBANDER @ 75'
                40-2ELE @ 70'
                80-1/4 SLOPER

Just made it back to CA!!  This was my first attempt at CQWW.  I sure 
learned alot!  I missed many easy multipliers and ended up sleeping for 
about 8 hours.  Oh well, had a good time.

73's  Jim  wb6cje at

wb6cje at (Jim rinkert)
The Tech BBS (408) 279-7199 San Jose, CA

>From Gary Sutcliffe <gary.sutcliffe at>  Fri Nov 26 13:55:04 1993
From: Gary Sutcliffe <gary.sutcliffe at> (Gary Sutcliffe)
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 93 7:55:04 CST
Subject: SS phone
Message-ID: <9311261355.AA03155 at>

W9XT, single op, high power phone:
  1001 QSOs, 77 mults  16 hours

 Gary Sutcliffe  - W9XT             Unified Microsystems (414) 644-9036
 ppvvpp at MIXCOM.COM                  PO Box 133, Slinger WI 53086

>From robert penneys <penneys at>  Fri Nov 26 15:56:56 1993
From: robert penneys <penneys at> (robert penneys)
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 93 10:56:56 EST
Subject: Delaware defects for CQWW
Message-ID: <9311261556.AA09251 at>

WN3K will again defect for CQWW CW to N2MM; ops N2MM, WB2R, WN3K m/s

so    GO FRC!!!

CU tonite  Bob 

>From Brian Bogh <0006125879 at>  Fri Nov 26 16:50:00 1993
From: Brian Bogh <0006125879 at> (Brian Bogh)
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 93 11:50 EST
Subject: ss phone
Message-ID: <52931126165025/0006125879NA2EM at>

N7LOX 93 ss phone score: Low power: 822 qso 76 sections 124944 missed ve1.

>From H. LAWRENCE SERRA" <72750.3620 at CompuServe.COM  Fri Nov 26 19:40:42 1993
From: H. LAWRENCE SERRA" <72750.3620 at CompuServe.COM (H. LAWRENCE SERRA)
Date: 26 Nov 93 14:40:42 EST
Subject: SS PH Score List
Message-ID: <931126194041_72750.3620_FHG57-3 at CompuServe.COM>

Could someone please send me a copy of '93 SS PH score list? I can't
seem to get it from the "usual suspects." Tks, Larry N6AZE

>From H. LAWRENCE SERRA" <72750.3620 at CompuServe.COM  Sat Nov 27 06:05:23 1993
From: H. LAWRENCE SERRA" <72750.3620 at CompuServe.COM (H. LAWRENCE SERRA)
Date: 27 Nov 93 01:05:23 EST
Subject: Cancel Request for '93 SS PH Scores
Message-ID: <931127060522_72750.3620_FHG22-2 at CompuServe.COM>

Cancel N6AZE request for '93 SS PH scores. Got them from Dave K6LL. TKS
Larry N6AZE

>From bhorn at (Bruce Horn)  Sun Nov 28 03:43:17 1993
From: bhorn at (Bruce Horn) (Bruce Horn)
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1993 19:43:17 -0800
Subject: Rarity of Sections in SS
Message-ID: <199311280343.TAA05707 at>

Thought it would be interesting to determine the relative rarity of
sections during Sweepstakes.  In order to get a geographically unbiased
view of the availability of sections, I totaled the number of QSOs reported
from each section during the 1992 Sweepstakes.  Obviously, some hams
participate but do not submit logs, but I can't think of a more complete
way of analyzing the availability of sections without having access to
all of the submitted logs.  (Maybe the ARRL could conduct such an
analysis on submitted logs !?)  I looked at the 36 most likely candidates
in deriving this info.  Remember this is based on the 1992 Sweepstakes results
as published in QST.

CW 10 Rarest Sections:
 1 NWT/YU   328 Qs
 2 AB       383 Qs
 3 AK       858 Qs
 4 SD     1,203 Qs
 5 MAR    1,290 Qs
 6 PAC    1,314 Qs
 7 EWA    1,365 Qs
 8 MS     1,481 Qs
 9 PR     1,646 Qs
10 PQ     1,712 Qs

Surprised by the rarity of Alberta.  This may be the result of gross

Phone 10 Rarest Sections:
 1 AK     1,339 Qs
 2 MAR    1,399 Qs
 3 PAC    1,547 Qs
 4 NWT/YU 1,592 Qs
 5 PQ     1,661 Qs
 6 PR     1,883 Qs
 7 AB     2,106 Qs
 8 DE     2,184 Qs
 9 SF     2,218 Qs
10 WV     2,250 Qs

This is the type of thing one does while in a hotel room in Chicago
while the rest of you are ionizing the ether during CQWW-CW.  Hope all
of you had a great time.

If anyone is really interested, I have the results for the 2nd 10 in
each mode.

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM

>From long at (Steve Long)  Mon Nov 29 00:37:52 1993
From: long at (Steve Long) (Steve Long)
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 93 16:37:52 PST
Subject: cqww N6DX score
Message-ID: <9311290037.AA17084 at>

Here is the breakdown for the CQ WW CW Multi-Multi effort at N6DX:

Band	Q's	Zones	Countries
160	225	22	37
80	331	33	76
40	933	38	129
20	1121	38	123
15	581	31	96
10	170	23	48

Total Points : 6.1M

No antenna disasters this year, and fun was had by all at "Rainbow

>From Bill H Parry <bill at>  Mon Nov 29 00:39:17 1993
From: Bill H Parry <bill at> (Bill H Parry)
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1993 18:39:17 -0600 (CST)
Subject: CQ WW CW TEST
Message-ID: <Pine.3.03.9311281817.A4502-8100000 at>


713     32        113       288,840



>From Steve Merchant <merchant at>  Mon Nov 29 00:47:22 1993
From: Steve Merchant <merchant at> (Steve Merchant)
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1993 16:47:22 -0800 (PST)
Subject: CQWW CW AG6D Flash Score
Message-ID: <Pine.3.87.9311281622.A22595-0100000 at>


2335  156  376     3,340,428


Breakdown later -- 73, Steve N4TQO

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