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Mon Nov 29 07:39:59 EST 1993

WR3E and I operated 40 meters at W3LPL for CQ WW CW, and it looks like for
the first time in several years we beat N2RM and K1AR. RM claimed they were
off the air for four hours with power outage, and AR claimed that propagation
favored the south. Hmmm, those are the excuses we've been using. We'll have
to come up with better ones next time.

As far as I can recall, the operator line up was:

160: W3EKT, W3LPL
80 : KE3Q, some guy named Mike
40 : WB2EKK, WR3E
20 : K3NA, KO7V, K3RA, maybe others in the daytime
15 : KE9A, W3ZZ
10 : KF3P, N3GB

>From the start, 40 was in FB shape. By using one of the beverage antennas
as a listening antenna, the multiplier op can now hear through the run
station's CQing and pick off multipliers and new QSOs while barely 
affecting (effecting?) the run station. For all you DX stations who heard
some wierd timing from us, that was what was going on.

K1AR must have a spectrum analyzer, or is still using that ICOM 981: if we
stopped running on 7.000.7 for more than 20 sections, AR would leap on the
freq. We didn't have a single frequency fight on 40 all weekend, though.
Things certainly are kinder and gentler. All this discussion on uniques has
also changed my operating, too. I found myself asking for a lot of repeats
where it turned out I was right the first time.

80 meters was the big story at LPL. Frank had just put in an elevated wire
vertical 4 square array, to add to the two two element wire quads. The
4 square is a phenomenal listening antenna, allowing the 80 m guys to wokr
over 1100 contacts - Frank's previous best was 671!

20 was so-so until Sunday, when things got hot. 15 was hot Saturday, so-so
the rest of the time. 10 bit the big one.

Since PVRC is no real threat to FRC anymore in the club competition, we
left our Packetcluster networks connected during the contest, although
YCCC did disconnect. This meant that we were networked with one of our
major competitors, N2RM, which lead to weird things like being able to
send talk messages to your competition. Which lead to exchanges like:

"How many Q's do you have on 40?"
"About as many as K1AR"
"Boy, no one is hearing us [while in the midst of a 120 hour]"

The MD/VA area had 7 inches of rain between 2300 Sat and 1000 Sunday, 
exposing major roof leaks at W3LPL. At about 0500 I noticed water dripping
onto the computer monitor and a that all the complicated cabling behing
the operating table was floating in water. Frank came over, threw a paper
towel over the monitor and we kept going. Rain static was horrendous: our
3 el at 200 feet was often useless on receive, and the 20 meter guys only
had 100 Qs over that 10 hour stretch.

Anyway, it was nice to win again. RM and AR have alternated skunking us
for several years now. Final numbers on 40 were something like 1760Q, 38Z,
153C. We didn't log many W's either

Where were all the BYs?

John Pescatore WB2EKK
pescatore_jt at ncsd.gte.com

>From Robert E.Naumann" <72240.1433 at CompuServe.COM  Mon Nov 29 13:29:20 1993
From: Robert E.Naumann" <72240.1433 at CompuServe.COM (Robert E.Naumann)
Date: 29 Nov 93 08:29:20 EST
Subject: N2RM M/M CQWW
Message-ID: <931129132919_72240.1433_EHK25-1 at CompuServe.COM>

                   CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST  1993
      Call: N2RM                     Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Multi


      160      228      537     2.36     20      76
       80      929     2579     2.78     31     114
       40     1679     4927     2.93     38     148
       20     1681     4800     2.86     38     149
       15      875     2507     2.87     35     129
       10      318      663     2.08     24      83

     Totals   5710    16013     2.80    186     699  =>  14,171,505

No electricity from 1030z to 1420z sunday.

     KR2J, W2RQ, N2BCC, NQ4I, N4HY, KB2BF 

de: KR2J
72240.1433 at CompuServe.com

>From Paul Hellenberg <Paul.Hellenberg at mixcom.mixcom.com>  Mon Nov 29 13:48:06 1993
From: Paul Hellenberg <Paul.Hellenberg at mixcom.mixcom.com> (Paul Hellenberg)
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 93 7:48:06 CST
Subject: KS9K CQWW CW M/S
Message-ID: <9311291348.AA25155 at mixcom.mixcom.com>

Hello All

Our 1st Multi Single CW what a blast. Sure miss the high sunspot's the low
band's sure were fun.

   160       47   14   41  14 
--  80      202   30   91
    40      691   37  137   
    20      637   37  126
    15      520   31  110
    10       47   17   41
          2144   166  546    4.16 mil

Main op's KA9FOX,N0BSH,WE9V  + relief N9AW,NB9C

Paul hellenberg KS9K----
Paul Hellenberg KS9K
wwyyww at mixcom.com

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