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ron481 at ron481 at
Thu Oct 14 11:36:32 EDT 1993

After test pes give scores on 3830 + or - qrm
an on 14180 WS7I will be there to take scores 
from Europe, Japan or anyone that can t copy 
me on 3830.... 
it is the JARTS WW RTTY TEST....
send scores to: ron481 at
73's de Ron AB5KD

>From jayt" <jayt at  Thu Oct 14 17:01:52 1993
From: jayt" <jayt at (jayt)
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1993 09:01:52 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <m0onV7g-0002WaC at>

Guess the confusion about the contest sponser has been settled.
For this test instead of 14.180 I would like to try 14.088 on
RTTY and see if we attract a bit more attention.

Ron will still be on 3.830 SSB and I will try 14.088 RTTY beaming
into Asia and Europe for some results.

There remains confusion about the multiplier and how it works.  Just
keep in mind that there are NO double mults.  W1 is a country but there
is no seperate United States, Canada, Australia, or Japan mults. This
seems to continue to confuse.  K7WUW working WS7I gets credit for W7
mult so your own country/callarea counts.

Jay WS7I

>From rking at (RICHARD KING - K5NA)  Thu Oct 14 18:52:14 1993
From: rking at (RICHARD KING - K5NA) (RICHARD KING - K5NA)
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1993 13:52:14 -0400
Subject: CT Networking

Don't forget that using fiber optics solves a lot of networking problems 
with CT.  Besides being immune to RF interference, the cable is tiny and 
lightweight making it easy to route between stations.  Plus you can extend 
the RS232 to several hundreds or thousands of feet.

Contact me off-line at "RKING at SESCVA.ESC.EDU" if you want more details.  
Or you can call me at 914-687-9700 (914-687-9723 FAX).

73, Richard  -  K5NA

>From blunt at (Billy Lunt KR1R)  Thu Oct 14 21:30:23 1993
From: blunt at (Billy Lunt KR1R) (Billy Lunt KR1R)
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 93 15:30:23 EST
Subject: Calendar
Message-ID: <2257 at bl>

Tentative  1994  ARRL  Contest  Calendar

JANUARY        1              Straight Key Night
               8-9            ARRL RTTY Roundup
               22-24          ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes
               29-Feb 6       ARRL Novice Roundup

FEBRUARY       14-18          School Club Roundup
               19-20          ARRL International DX Contest, CW

MARCH          5-6            ARRL International DX Contest, phone

APRIL          18  (Mon)      144-MHz Spring Sprint
               26 (Tues)      222-MHz Spring Sprint

MAY            4 (Wed)        432-MHz Spring Sprint
               14 (Sat)       902-MHz Spring Sprint
               14 (Sat)       1296-MHz Spring Sprint
               14 (Sat)       2304-MHz Spring Sprint
               21-22 (Sat-Sun) 50-MHz Spring Sprint

JUNE           4-6            ARRL June VHF QSO Party
               25-26          Field Day

JULY           9-10           IARU HF World Championship

AUGUST         6-7            ARRL UHF Contest
               20-21          ARRL 10-GHz Cumulative Contest

SEPTEMBER      10-12          ARRL September VHF QSO Party
               17-18          ARRL 10-GHz Cumulative Contest

NOVEMBER       5-7            ARRL November Sweepstakes, CW
               19-21          ARRL November Sweepstakes, phone

DECEMBER       2-4            ARRL 160-Meter Contest
               10-11          ARRL 10-Meter Contest

>From Jim Reisert AD1C  14-Oct-1993 1550 <reisert at>  Thu Oct 14 20:47:06 1993
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  14-Oct-1993 1550 <reisert at> (Jim Reisert AD1C 14-Oct-1993 1550)
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 93 15:47:06 EDT
Subject: ped409i
Message-ID: <9310141947.AA29550 at>

I just downloaded this version from W6GO BBS.  I think it has some sort of
Soundblaster-16 fix.

Anyone want to host it - let me know and I'll EMAIL you UUencoded .ZIP file.

- Jim AD1C

>From ku4j at (Tim  Pearson )  Fri Oct 15 00:06:59 1993
From: ku4j at (Tim  Pearson ) (Tim  Pearson )
Date: 14 Oct 93 23:06:59 GMT
Subject: CT-Network 3-port gizmo

  I am designing a 3-port device that would simplify CT-network connections
  for users with more than 2 stations or 2 stations (+packet).  This device
  would only require 1 COMM port as opposed to the normal 2 COMM for a station
  in the middle of the network.  It would essentially be a 3 port "repeater".
  This gizmo would allow you to hook up a TNC directly up to the network
  with requiring an extra computer/COM port.  I would like an ideas/input
  on the usefullness of this device and any possible pitfalls?  We will be
  operating VP2VR in CQWW SSB and are using notebook/laptop computers which
  usually don't have 2 COMM ports.  This device will allow us to network
  2 computers together and still have an HF packetcluster monitor station.
  The TNC for HF cluster will tie directly in the 3-port device and the other
  2 ports will go to MULT and RATE station.
  73's tim/ku4j

>From Dieter Dippel" <UNRZ45 at  Fri Oct 15 14:50:16 1993
From: Dieter Dippel" <UNRZ45 at (Dieter Dippel)
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1993 13:50:16 MET
Message-ID: <6DB499D74E9 at>

DXNEWS @WW       de:OH1RBF 14.10.93 13:25  30   5303 Bytes

To  : DXNEWS at WW


(collected by OH1NOA)
SSB part 30.-31.10.1993
CALL      CLASS   OPERATORS                    QSL-INFO
AH0K      M-S     KH0AM-gang                   VIA JF2PZH
C43A      ?       ?
C56V      M-S     AA7NO,KF7AY,N7BG             VIA KD7E
C6AFT     M-S?    AA5NT,N5TVL
EA6VQ     28MHZ   EA6VQ                        VIA EA6VQ
EA8AH     SOAB    OH1RY(rumoured)
EA9..     M-M     Ws+OH2MM
FG5BG     7MHZ    KD6WW                        VIA KD6WW
FJ..      ?       FJ5AB,FJ5BL,K2IBW,N2HIG      VIA N2HIG
IS0QDV    7MHZ    IS0QDV                       VIA IS0QDV
KH2/WB2P  M-S     KE2PF,WB2P                   VIA WB2P
KH6..     SOAB    OH0XX (country not 100%)
LX..      M-S     OH2PQ,OH6EI,OH8PF(rumoured)
OH0DX     SOAB    OH1EH                        VIA OH2BAD
OT3A      M-M     ON,DL-oprs                   VIA ON-BUREAU
PI4CC     M-S                                  VIA PB0AIU
PJ1B      M-S     KB2XZ,N3ED,W3UM,WA3LRO       VIA K2SB
PJ9U      7MHZ    OH1VR                        VIA OH1VR
P40C      QRP     AA2U                         VIA AA2U
P40W      SOAB    W2GD                         VIA N2MM
P40..     M-S     KR0Y+co.
TO5MM(=FM)?       N3ADL                        VIA N3EDL
VP2V..    M-M     W1UA,W4FD,WB4FLB
VP2V/WB2VUY ?     WB2VUY                       VIA WB2VUY
VP5N      M-S     N2VW,K2TD,WB2YOF             VIA N2VW
V2..      M-S     NM2Y,N3BNA,WT3Q              VIA WT3Q
V47KP     ?       K2DOX                        VIA K2DOX
V73X      M-S?    KH6HH,NH6UY,AH6IO,V73C,V73A  VIA KH6HH
XX9..     SOAB    OH2BH(rumoured)
ZB2X      SOAB    OH2KI                        VIA OH2KI
ZF2JI     M-M     K6GXO,KG6AR,KJ6HO,W9NQ       VIA KG6AR
4U1ITU    SOAB?   IK3VUX                       VIA IK3ITG
5Z4BI     ?                                    VIA W4FRU
6V6U      SOAB    K3IPK                        VIA K3IPK
9Y4H      SOAB    K6NA                         VIA K6NA

CW part 27.-28.11.1993
CALL      CLASS   OPERATORS                    QSL-INFO
A22MN?    7MHZ    OH7XM
AH0K      M-M     KH0AM-gang                   VIA JF2PZH
OH0AM     21MHZ   OH1EH                        VIA OH2BAD
OH0DX     14MHZ   OH2MAM                       VIA OH2BAD
P40I      SOAB    OH2KI                        VIA OH2KI
PI4CC     M-S                                  VIA PB0AIU
4M5I      M-S     K0PP,KE7X,WM2C,WS4E,YV5DTA
8R1K      SOAB    OH0XX                        VIA OH0XX/W4



>From Walter Kornienko (GC-DSTI) <waltk at PICA.ARMY.MIL>  Fri Oct 15 15:35:09 1993
From: Walter Kornienko (GC-DSTI) <waltk at PICA.ARMY.MIL> (Walter Kornienko (GC-DSTI))
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 93 10:35:09 EDT
Subject: Reflections: Sound Blaster & Voice Blaster
Message-ID: <9310151035.aa08025 at COR5.PICA.ARMY.MIL>

                The Sound Blaster Card & Voice Blaster Software
                    Reflections by Walt Kornienko - K2WK
     I recently acquired a Sound Blaster Pro card for my PC. The purpose
of which was to have the ability to "play" Tack's PED program and double
as a digital voice keyer. Not to mention all the other neat things I
discovered the SB card can do in totally awesome stereo.
     I also purchased the "Voice Blaster" software. This is a TSR that allows
you to play/record up to 8 messages, accessible through function keys F1-F8.
Recording is accomplished by "shifting" the function keys. Much like CT in CW.
     The program allows you to load the messages in XMS (above 1Meg) memory.
The amount of data that can be recorded or loaded is only limited by the 
available memory on the PC. My machine is a 386/33 with 4Megs of RAM.
The program has the ability to load more than 8 messages by exiting the 
program and loading another set of up to 8 messages by using the "log" feature.
This feature was probably developed for multi set-ups, but is also useful for 
the single op.  Its possible to have separate banks of messages for various 
activities. For instance, I use a logging program and have a set of messages 
setup for general DXing (my call, my call twice, CQ, QRZ, etc.). I can also 
set up a bank of messages for contesting. One bank for World Wide another for 
SS, and so on.
     The program comes with a schematic of an interface box that can be built
to go between the PC and your rig.  It essentially, provides for PTT via a COM 
or LPT port and some isolation between the sound board and the rig.  This is
accomplished via an isolation transformer and relays. My circuit differs in 
that I interfaced the sound card to my rig, mike and stereo via a 4 channel 
mike mixer. Proper shielding of all leads, cables and power supply is
ESSENTIAL for RFI-proof operation. Use an external power supply if at all
possible.  I first tried powering the interface from 13.8VDC available at the
back of my Icom 765, which failed miserably. Even at 100W power levels the RF
feedback was horrendous.  I connected the unit to a well regulated outboard
power supply and have had no problems with RF feed back on all bands running 
1500W.  Proper station grounding is essential to maintaining a clean signal.
     It appears that VB records at 8 khz and the quality of the recording 
suffers.  I have gotten around this by prerecording my messages using various 
Windows & DOS-based Sound Blaster utilities.  The quality is superb and sounds 
quite professional over the air.  I make my off-the-air recordings using 
Window's Sound Recorder utility, at 22kHZ. The recordings are truly hi-fi.
     Some caveats:  
     If you use a memory hogging logging program and load VB and messages in 
conventional memory you won't have much room to hold more than your call-sign.
Using 1024K of XMS memory is advisable.  Got more? Use it!
     I wired my VB (PTT) control via LPT2, as this is the port through which
I key CT on CW.  When the PC is rebooting evidently Pin 2 (or 3?) goes high and
puts the rig into transmit. I wait a few seconds before turning on the rig.
     I tried to get the program to work in Windoze. Well, I can load the TSR 
and messages ONLY in conventional memory. I then load my logging program. After
several hours of being connected to the cluster the system seems to hang for
unknown reasons.  I tried loading the messages into XMS memory (via pif files) 
but it didn't work.
     Well, I hope this answers some of your questions as to what "Voice Blaster"
is and what it does. Naturally, I have no connection to any of the 
                              73,   de Walt - K2WK

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