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Sat Oct 16 11:35:26 EDT 1993

Anyone wishing to have the latest CQ WW rules via Email can request a copy via K3EST : cmschonewaldcox at
73 Bob K3EST

>From scott at f6.n143.z1.FIDONET.ORG (Scott Lieberman)  Sat Oct 16 04:25:28 1993
From: scott at f6.n143.z1.FIDONET.ORG (Scott Lieberman) (Scott Lieberman)
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 93 19:25:28 PST
Subject: QST Author Makes Good
Message-ID: <213.2CC060F9 at kennel.FIDONET.ORG>

Dave- you MUST put that story in one of your editorials, including the part about the VHF contest.  (Well, I hope you put it in).
Scott Lieberman
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>From Jim Reisert AD1C  17-Oct-1993 1252 <reisert at>  Sun Oct 17 17:48:24 1993
From: Jim Reisert AD1C  17-Oct-1993 1252 <reisert at> (Jim Reisert AD1C 17-Oct-1993 1252)
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 93 12:48:24 EDT
Subject: looking for KI3V
Message-ID: <9310171648.AA25229 at>

I'm looking for KI3V, or someone who can relay a message to him.  It's about
his CQP1.DAT file for CT.

Thanks - Jim AD1C

>From jayt" <jayt at  Mon Oct 18 02:12:10 1993
From: jayt" <jayt at (jayt)
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1993 18:12:10 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: JARTS RTTY Raw Scores
Message-ID: <m0ooj8s-0002dtC at>


Callsign   Class   Qso   Pts   Mult   Raw Total

ws7i       S       73    189    33       6,237
k7wuw      M/M                          30,222
kd4wen     S       96           46       9,752
k0bx       S       64
kp2n       S       626  1,400  136     190,400
w6/g0azt   S       279
aa4nc      S       125
kj6tc      S       134
n0fmr      S       180          55
kb8luj     M/M     300
n6gg       S       450         123      126,813
k0rc       S       570         128      218,880  *
jn3tmw     S        44                    4,484
w6mtj      S       109
wa7fab     S       500         109      163,500  *
kf9af      S       358          71       25,418
w7lzp      S       282          51       34,782

Ron, note the two with * used 3 pts all Qso and all N/A are 2 pts. Seems
WF1B software doesn't work on this contest.  RTTY afterwards on 14.088
seems to be much better.  Made 66 contacts in last hour of the contest
so Condx were excellent.

73, Jay

>From Takao Kumagai <je1cka at>  Mon Oct 18 11:11:13 1993
From: Takao Kumagai <je1cka at> (Takao Kumagai)
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 93 10:11:13 JST
Subject: Reflections: Sound Blaster & Voice Blaster
Message-ID: <9310180111.AA27274 at>

Thaks Walt

For the useful info on the "Voice Blaster", I'd like to have one.

About "ped"
walt wrote;
>of which was to have the ability to "play" Tack's PED program and double

No, PED was not developed by Tack but by JE3MAS. I just transfered info.
between cq-contest and JE3MAS, because he has no internet-window.
He has been trying to develop the "Voice Ped" with Sound Blaster.
Any programming ideas/ data type etc will be appreciated.

Tack, JE1CKA

>From wb6cje at (Jim rinkert)  Mon Oct 18 05:20:31 1993
From: wb6cje at (Jim rinkert) (Jim rinkert)
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 93 21:20:31 PDT
Subject: Number for MiniProp
Message-ID: <wwLLBc1w165w at>

Just wondering if someone could pass me the tele # for w6el as I wanted 
to order a copy of his MiniProp sw.  


Thanks Jim wb6cje   wb6cje at

wb6cje at (Jim rinkert)
The Tech BBS (408) 279-7199 San Jose, CA

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