SprINT Final Results

Robert A. Wilson n6tv at vnet.IBM.COM
Fri Sep 3 15:03:22 EDT 1993

Ref:  Note of Fri, 3 Sep 93 09:45:54 PDT

Thank you N6TR and K2MM.  Now I'm ready for the next one!

I should reveal that when WN4KKN operates at W6QHS's QTH, he is about
50 dB over 9 at my house.  In the Internet Sprint, Trey and I worked
each other almost 25 times.  This gave us an (unfair?) advantage.

If we can stir up enough activity in the next I-Sprint, we should be
able to eliminate the "you can work dupes" provision.  This should
help stimulate activity on more than one band, making for a more
interesting contest.  In the last contest, hardly any QSOs were
made on 40m.

It would also encourage QRQ operators to QRS and "dig for the weak

Bob, N6TV

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