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Jim Hollenback jholly at hposl42.cup.hp.com
Thu Sep 2 09:42:01 EDT 1993

My WF1B RTTY version is v2.04, and I understand there is a v2.09 that fixes
some scoring bugs. A letter to the address I had was return forwarding 
expired.  Any one have a good address, phone number, or willing to help me
get the later version?

jholly at cup.hp.com

>From Dave Hawes <34703 at vlf03v31.ueci.com>  Thu Sep  2 17:35:44 1993
From: Dave Hawes <34703 at vlf03v31.ueci.com> (Dave Hawes)
Date: 2 Sep 93 12:35:44 EDT
Subject: 80 meter rotary dipole question
Message-ID: <4807CD66090 at vlf03v31.ueci.com>

At N3RS we are considering installing an 80/75 meter dipole at 135
feet as a reference antenna, while we experiment with various wires
and verticals.  Since the tower is in a wooded area where the trees
are 100+ feet, using ropes to tie off wire dipole ends is

We are interested in using a commercially available loaded dipole
element as the reference.  Does anybody on the reflector have
experience with these antennas?  Whose brand?  Comments on
mechanical/electrical construction?  Relay switching between CW and
SSB?  Any other comments would be welcome.

73 - Dave, N3RD

Dave Hawes                       Internet:  34703 at vlf03v31.ueci.com
Raytheon Engineers & Constructors, Valley Forge, PA
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