any stn in Twin Cities doing WW SSB?

uumars at CC.UManitoba.CA uumars at CC.UManitoba.CA
Fri Sep 3 21:48:39 EDT 1993

 Hi All.

I find that I'll be away from home for the weekend of the CW WW SSB
DX Contest.  You wouldn't believe what this is going to cost me in
the way of lost "leftover" SA$E QSL mail.

I'll be in the Minneapolis area for about the entire weekend, not with
the entire contest period available, but I'd very much like to see if
there's anybody in the area who's maybe doing a multi-op, and could use
a hand operating for a while, or could tolerate a nosy visitor, even!

I'm not looking to guest-op a station for the entire event, or even most
of it, as my time is limited.

Please advise if I could "pop in" for a few Q's, or a listen/look around.

I WILL be back home for SS, so fear not!, the rare VE4 section will be on.

CU - Derrick  VE4VV

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