Contest Preferred Frequencies

Randy A Thompson K5ZD at
Sun Sep 5 08:21:06 EDT 1993

Thanks for your work on contest frequencies.  I think this is a good idea
for all contests except the CQWW and ARRL DX!

For 21 MHz, I suggest the following:
	CW 21.000 to 21.060
	Phone 21.175 to 21.375

For 28 MHz, I suggest:
	CW 28.000 to 28.060
	Phone 28.350 to 28.850

There have been a lot of complaints over the past few years that the entire
US Novice portion of the 10 meter phone band is consumed by contests.  
Leaving the bottom 50 KHz free, would be a very good PR gesture.

Good luck with your project.  Please keep us informed on the reflector
of how it is going.  IARU region 1 seems to be the only region concerned
with this problem.

Randy, K5ZD

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