Station Layout

Gary Sutcliffe gary.sutcliffe at
Tue Sep 7 07:53:13 EDT 1993

Hi Guys.  I could use some more input to my upcoming Contest
Tips, Tricks, and Techniques column in NCJ.  Since if you are reading
this, you are a computer user, and probably have some good ideas on this
month's topic.   Please reply directly to me before Sept 11.
Thanks & 73 - Gary W9XT
              Topic for November-December
       Station layout with emphasis on integrating the computer.
       What size and type  monitors and keyboards are best?  Do you
       prefer a full sized computer or a notebook size? Where
       should they be with respect to the radio and other gear?
       What about station layout when using two radios and a computer?
       Have you modified your operating table to accommodate the
       keyboard in a more convenient manner?  What sort of
       accessories (keyboard wrist pads, monitor swivel bases,
       etc.) do you find most useful?  What is the next piece of
       station equipment you would like to see controlled by the
       computer?  How far are you from the point where the only
       thing you need in the shack is the computer?
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