Ron Marosko rmarosko at
Fri Sep 10 19:19:28 EDT 1993


I am pleased to announce that PED408I.EXE and PEDDAT.EXE are available in the 

These two files may be FTP'ed from (sorry, no hostname 
available), in directory /pub/outgoing. Please be advised this is only a 
486-33 running Novell LAN workplace for DOS and its FTP server, so be gentle. 
Only one user may connect at a time, please login using your full account name 
(ie. rmarosko at 

These files will also be available no later than midnight CDT on my landline 
BBS, USS Pegasus, on 713-777-0821. Speeds through 14.4k/V.32bis and 16.8k HST 
are supported, as is V.42bis. Modem is a USRobotics Dual Standard. 24 hours.
FidoNet types may file request the above names from 1:106/9636.0.

73 es CUL,
   Ron KB5NFN

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