Lunatic Fringe Sprint

Ward Silver hwardsil at
Sun Sep 12 16:11:42 EDT 1993

The loonies (does that make our CT files LOONY.BIN?) scored as follows:
K7WA	186 x 41	7626
K7CW	158 x 	      5846
K7SS	251 x 41(?)    10291
K7QQ	189 x 42	7938	hi-power
NN7L	250 x 42       10500	hi-power
N0AX	210 x 42	8820
N6MZ	186 x 36	6696	hi-power
	total	       48647

I wished we'd a-had three more, but the finally nice wx up here has hurt the
group joie de vive for contesting...just wait til it's dark, cold, and wet
up here in Seattle.  Stiff competition from the Cascade Contest Club in the
Portland area...I know Tree (a.k.a. Trey) N6TR had a big score, also AA7NX
and others in the area.

Too many unanswered CQ's for me on 20/40, but did better on 40 than in previous
dashes.  80 was much better.  Had computer trouble in first 15 min, so was out
of sync for a while, but I had a good time.  Missed VY1JA, Alaska, Arkansas, 
plus the usual difficult ones.  Thanks for WB0O for ND (see you in SS, Bill!)
and XE1MX for May-hee-koh.

I guess N6TJ decided it's better from CA than from ZD8...hi!

See you next wkend part time...don't forget the Wash State Salmon Run QSO
Party September 24/25th!

73, "Ed-ward" N0AX

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