Packet Cluster Node HELP!

smithb at smithb at
Sun Sep 12 18:51:00 EDT 1993

Missed last nights sprint working on the Grand Forks DX
packet cluster node.  For as far as I am, would have had
more fun in the contest.  

Here's my problem.  DSRI DPK-2 with 1.18 PROM.  Got a 
THENET PROM from the Northern Minnesota DXA prom guru.

After finally getting the computer and TNC talking, I have
not been able to do am internal loop back test.  Everything
else appears to check out.  So went ahead and installed 
TheNet ROM.  Initializes okay, shows opening statement and
then the PTT flashes within 6 seconds.  After that, I never
get a cmd: prompt.  Control-C works, but everything is 
working echo on.  This is getting maddening.

So, is there any one out there with experience that is 
willing to give me guidance/assistance?  I admit to being
a packet operator now trying to be a sysop.  The downside to this 
is I want to get this node up before spending any more time
contesting.  Please respond directly.

73 de Bob

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