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Takao Kumagai je1cka at asuka.aerospace-lab.go.jp
Tue Sep 14 10:50:33 EDT 1993

Hi Dave

Bear,JA7RHJ who is a friend of mine will be visiting London and GW. He wish
to have some oppotunity to meet with hams there. Will you help him?

Bear wrote;
Dear people in near Paris, London and Cardiff :

I'm JA7RHJ, JP1DYZ and AA6PU. In Japan, I used to be one of JE2YRD
Outside JA, I operated PJ7A in '89 CQ World Wide Phone and got
"Contest DX-pedition" plaque.  At the end of '89 I visited St. Martin
again and QRVed as FS/JA7RHJ.  These 2 years I joined the KH0AM as CW
crew and we set new Oceania Multi-Multi record.

I'm going to visit F, G & GW land from September 20th to October 2nd.
If possible, I'd like to visit some contesters, DXers and/or people
who are running PacketCluster nodes.

My schedule is as follows :
Sept. 20th - 25th  in Paris      Hotel Scribe
Oct.  26th - 28th  in London     London Inter-continental Hotel
Oct.  29th         in Cardiff    Miskin Manor Hotel
Oct.  30th         in London     London Inter-continental Hotel

I will leave home on 19th morning (0UTC).  I'm looking forward to
receiving some replies before that.

                                - BEAR -  Yasushi  Kumagai
                                           JA7RHJ / AA6PU

In my personel;
  I have been building my contest station in Yamanashi about 150km west
from Tokyo. I started foundation in Sept. '91 and now doing wall siding
job. Have two towers (one is 27m self-supporting and one another is
guyed 40m) ready to up. Wish to have the towers and antennas by the fall
contest season. Present quite low activity but soon will be active in
every weekend from Yamanashi.

Tack, JE1CKA

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