What is high 100W NA score??

Danny Eskenazi 0005720561 at mcimail.com
Tue Sep 14 07:12:00 EDT 1993

would like to know who had the best 100W Sprint score on CW. Its always
more fun to compete with similar setup stations. Lunatic Fringe here
in WA had 7 entries show up. any other teams have that many?
K7SS  100W  251 / 43 = 10793. 20 died very early, killing our usual
W7 advantage of staying late on the band.  Kept looking out the window
and waiting for the sun to set....seemed like 40 would never open. Always
go to 40 too early cuz the RBGs are boiling in, but not easily workable
from here...too much sunlight, same prob on 80, so only do about 40
minutes at the end. Antennas TH7/ G5rv all at 45 feet. Great to hear
the news after the NA from around the field..thanks to G4BUO..XE1MX..etc.
Did SSB last time at W7XR with MONDO ANTENNAS...but this time will be
puny...80/40 practically unusable with 100W on SSB...spend all the time
waiting around for the GUNS to finish a Q.  73 ALL de K7SS Danny Eskenazi.

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