Sound Blaster Pro Deluxe

Walter Kornienko GC-DSTI waltk at PICA.ARMY.MIL
Tue Sep 14 09:09:55 EDT 1993

I just got a catalog from PC Connection and was surprised to find out that
you can get the Sound Blaster Pro card for $84.  The product is being heavily
marketed as the Sound Blaster Pro Deluxe (Computer Shopper, etc.). This is
a package deal that includes an Encyclopedia on CD. I have no CD-ROM drive,
hence no need for this CD. I was not aware that I could get JUST the card
and setup software for much less than the $119 I paid. Guess I paid $35 for
a CD I don't need. Cavaet emptor.   73 de Walt - K2WK.

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