Need 9Y4 info for CQWW SSB

Timothy Bradley Totten ttotten at
Tue Sep 14 13:52:10 EDT 1993

I am posting this on behalf of some friends who just decided to do 9Y4 for the
CQWW SSB this yr.  Looks like 4 ops doing a M/S.  Is anyone aware of other
"claims" on 9Y4 for this contest?  Also, this is their first trip to 9Y4, so
they are looking for any info available--fax nr for PTT, contact info for any
local hams OR any hams who have operated from 9Y4, advice on guest op locations
or hotels, info on customs, etc.  Any comments/advice/info would be greatly
appreciated.  You can reply to me, and I will relay.
73, Tim KJ4VH
ttotten at
P.S.--No, I will not be joining the 9Y4 group.  I plan to be on the other side
of the planet, where almost half the QSOs are going to be one lousy point each.

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