VHF Results Pse

es at mvuxb.att.com es at mvuxb.att.com
Tue Sep 14 16:12:00 EDT 1993

Please send VHF Contest scores to me at "es at mvuxb.att.com".  Don't mail them to
the reflector (i.e.  don't reply to this message unless you *KNOW* your
reply will go to only me and not the whole reflector).

If possible, include QSOs and grid squares per band, and a bottom line showing
total QSOs, total grids and total score.  Include the category 
of your operation.  If you were multi-op, list the callsigns of
all operators.  If you were guest op, list the callsign you used and where
you operated from.

I will post a summary in a few days.

73 - Ed K1TR

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