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Tue Sep 14 15:02:55 EDT 1993

Sprints are FUN! More operating skill to be developed here....didn't do as well
 on 20 as hoped, 40 picked up for me, probably more due to my own "sync-ing up"
than propagation. Best hour was the last on 80! It seems one of the best things
an op can do is to be "on" at the start. I'm just not sure yet how to get
there. Congrats to some of those amazing scores (KR0Y, N6TR, WN4KKN, etc.).
I'de love to have a chance to look over your shoulders while Sprinting!

A real puzzler for me was how others with similar QSO counts to mine came
up with 3 - 5 more mults. How does one chase mults in Sprint??? With a 10%
difference, I must be missing something. I would be interested in any ideas
or abservations that you all are willing to share.

Operated W7RM and was pleased again with station performance. Rush continues to
enhance the station.
Phone Sprint? GL, probably not for me. See ya in SS CW.

AA7NX (@ W7RM)  244 QSOs x 39 mults = 9,516

73, Mike

Michael R. Conatore
(503) 294-6769
mconator at
IBM Oregon Trading Area
1211 S. W. Fifth Avenue Suite 1000  Portland, Oregon 97204

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