Sound Blaster Pro vs. Deluxe

frank moore fhmoore at
Wed Sep 15 09:37:08 EDT 1993


I have been able to run PED with what I think is a "regular" sound blaster
v 1.5. I'm not absolutely sure about the board as it was second hand. The 
previous owner said that he thought it was a "8/16 bit" sound blaster but I 
doubt this since the interface is 8bit ISA. Anyway the board works only if I 
invoke PED408I with the -pas option. I can't really tell anyway difference if 
I select 9 or 18 stations so this also makes me think that its a plain vanilla
SB as well. I don't understand why I have to use -pas though. I thought that 
was just for the pro audio spectrum board.

                                                 Frank, KE4GY

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