CQWW SSB DXpedition to CN

Jack Fleming oolon at eskimo.com
Wed Sep 15 20:49:11 EDT 1993

It is looking better and better for a contest operation from Morocco
during my trip to Europe this fall.  I received permission from the club
station in Rabat to use their rig and antennas just yesterday.  I will
probably be using my call from 1990 - CN2JF.

The trip is a vacation with my wife and not a DXpedition - but it looks
like we will make stops to visit CT1EEB and CN2AQ along the way.

Leaving here October 14 - travel through southern Spain and Portugal -
arrive in Morocco on Thursday the 28th - contest Saturday and Sunday -
back to Spain and up to Paris - leave Paris on the 15th of November.  One
backpack each, no radio gear, and no hotel reservations.  It doesn't get
any better.

Watch for CN2JF!

Jack Fleming, WA0RJY                          oolon at eskimo.com
20148 6th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA  98155                            DON'T PANIC!

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