Dipole help

smithb at GF-WAN.af.mil smithb at GF-WAN.af.mil
Thu Sep 16 20:24:00 EDT 1993

I have recently installed a 40/75 dipole at 40'.  Complete
bandwidth on 40.  250kHz on 75 before my Icom 735 starts limiting
power out.  Seems to listen well.  --  Here is my dilemna;
My tuner will not allow me to tune the antenna at all to extend
the range on 75.  The tuner is a Drake MN2700.  Seems like a simple
requirement, but no dice.  Any ideas?  My own is to shorten the 
antenna for phone coverage and attach alligator clip extensions
for CW.  But it sure gets cold here in ND during low band season.

Great controversy for the CQP..  Interesting way to generate 
contest interest.  Wonder if participation will increase out 
of curiosity.

Sorry was not in the CW sprint, working on a packet cluster node.
Will be on this weekend for SSB - gonna give WB0O a run for ND
bragging rights.

73 bob nd1h

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