KE9I and his (SOUR) grapes

Danny Eskenazi 0005720561 at
Fri Sep 17 06:27:00 EDT 1993

I hope KE9I and the other world-class boycotters of the CQP were
jesting.....for if not..I only a few words for them...LIGHTEN UP!!!
Jeeez, you want a bottle of wine that bad Ill get the guys on the
corner together and we'll send you one!.. I hope their absence this
year in the CQP will allow other stations a shot at the top spots!
(and a chance to bitch about THEIR awards the following year!)
if, however, they are jus' funnin us...WELL fooled me.
73 K7SS from the land of no W6 propagation on 10 meters..ANY year.

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