CQWW Hints and Stragidies

Scott A Stembaugh n9ljx at ecn.purdue.edu
Fri Sep 17 18:18:56 EDT 1993

Everyone was so helpful wheh I was preparing for the  NA QSO party I thought
I would try it again. 

We (2 at present, hoping for 3rd or 4th) are planning a multi/single effort
for CQWW CW. If we are limited to 2 ops, what kind of strategy should we plan
on for operating times. One of us has endurance, but not great speed, while
the other has great speed but not the endurance. Will these compliment each
other, or be against us?

For the low bands we will have wire aimed at EU and 2el 40 yagi on JA. The
beam is not rotatable so we figured that would be best configuration since EU
is fairly easy on a wire. Working from the midwest, would anyone disagree?

Probably will be using Tree's software. Does it hold it's own for this
contest or should we use CT. I am fluent in both so switching would not be a

Any other hints or kinks? We are planning on a REAL effort so what kind of
goals shoud we be setting for 2 or 3 ops?


Scott Stembaugh - N9LJX           internet: n9ljx at ecn.purdue.edu
Operations Supervisor, ADPC       phone:    317 494 7946 
Purdue University
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