Sprint and 2-frequency contesting

Steven M London +1 303 538 4763 Steven.M.London at att.com
Mon Sep 20 13:33:41 EDT 1993

>From the standpoint of the rules, there is clearly nothing wrong with the
2 frequency technique (as long as the 2 frequencies are > 5 kHz apart).
In fact, it is the only way to handle 20 meters after you work the first
100 "true" Sprinters.  I don't think the founding fathers ever envisioned
a phone Sprint.

I am more concerned about interpretations of the "no solicitation" rule:

Station X :  CQ Sprint from XX1XX
Station Y :  YY9YY
Station X :  YY9YY 234 from Treehugger in Atlantis XX1XX
Station Y :  You're number 1 from Bubba in Wyoming
Station X :  Thanks.  Be back in a minute. Gotta go up 5.

Steve, N2IC

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