Sprint SSB de NC6U

0015017 at msgate.emis.hac.com 0015017 at msgate.emis.hac.com
Mon Sep 20 17:39:13 EDT 1993

From: Balmforth, Kevin D
Date: Mon, Sep 20, 1993 4:12 PM
Subject: Sprint SSB de NC6U
Finished with 247 x 46, with the following breakdown:

20 - 121 Qs
40 - 78 Qs
75 - 48 Qs

I'm coming to the conclusion that my 20m performance stinks - apparently the 
13 element Collins log periodic doesn't quite cut it on 20m with only about 6 
dB gain.  Speaking of breakdowns, my venerable 2K-2 began powering down 
intermittently after 1 hour into the contest.  A quick smack on the side 
usually brought it to life again.  Good thing 3-400Z'z are quick heating!
Thanks for  the Qs - 73, Kevin NC6U

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