Gerard Jendraszkiewicz jend at midway.uchicago.edu
Tue Sep 21 02:16:32 EDT 1993

Copy of letter sent to AD6E by AJ9C

Dear Alan,

     Thank you for your letter. Without a doubt CQP is one of the premier
events on the contest calendar. I personally use CQP to hone what little
skills and equipment I have for SS in November. I also view the NCCC as a
group that is highly motivated on the cutting edge of contesting. As you
could imagine, I was quite perplexed when the appropriate CQP awards did not
arrive from the 92 CQP as they had in the past.

     With a contest as large and popular as the CQP the NCCC is put into a
position almost like that of a trustee and as such the NCCC is held to a very
high standard. A standard that the NCCC has met and far exceeded in past
years. That is why when my inquiries regarding the failure to receive
results, plaques or wine were answered by a series of different "reasons"
I felt I was being "stonewalled". I am relieved to hear that the officers
of the NCCC as well as the CQP committee are aware of the problem and have
taken steps to correct the oversight.

     The NCCC runs a first rate contest and I consider this matter closed. I
look forward to participating the 93 CQP and with any luck finishing in the
top 20 again. I'll look for you and all the others on SSB/CW, 160-10M.

                                       73 and CQ CQP !

                                       x- Mike Kasrich/ AJ9C

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