1993 California QSO Party, 1600Z Oct. 2 - 2200Z Oct. 3

Robert A. Wilson n6tv at vnet.IBM.COM
Tue Sep 21 13:01:22 EDT 1993

Here's your chance to work all 58 California Counties in a single
weekend, or earn a personalized bottle of wine or a CQP wine glass
(new this year).  The list of who will be on from which county
is still being compiled and will be posted next week.

The 1993 California QSO Party, sponsored by the Northern California
Contest Club, is the biggest state QSO party of the year, and the only
one officially supported by K1EA's CT software (Version 8).  From
outside of California, substitute CQP1.DAT for CQP.DAT.  N6TR's
software also supports CQP, as does free software from AE6Y and AD6E.

Please copy to BBSs and Packet Clusters, as appropriate.  Our
announcement did not make the last issue of QST or CQ, as planned.

**** Official Rules ****
Stations outside of California work as many California stations in as
many CA counties as possible.  Stations in California work anyone.

Calif. stations send QSO number and county.  Stations outside of CA
send QSO number and State, Province, or Country.

QSO Points:
Each complete non-duplicate Phone contact is worth 2 points.  Each
complete non-duplicate CW contact is worth 3 points.  No partial
contact credit.  Duplicate contacts must be clearly identified in
the log.

California stations count states (50) and Canadian Provinces (VO/VE1-7
and VY1/VE8) for a possible total of 58.  All others use CA counties for
a maximum of 58.  CA stations on a county line may be claimed as
a multiplier for any or all of the counties they give in their exchange.
Number each multiplier as worked.

The total score is the total number of QSO points multiplied by the total
number of multipliers (58 maximum).

160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6 and 2 meters.  WARC band contacts do not
count.  Suggest CW on 1805 and 40 kHz up from band edge.  Phone on 1815,
3850, 7230, 14250, 21300, and 28450 kHz.  Novices 10 kHz up from band
edge and 28450.

  Try CW on the half hour.
  Try 160 meters at 0500 UTC; 80/75 meters at 0300 and 0700 UTC.
  Try 147.54 MHz at 2000, 0000, and 0400 UTC.

Class Entry:
Single Operator, Multi-Single, Multi-Multi, California County
Expedition, Mobile and Novice/Tech.

o Single Operator entries limited to 24 hours maximum, off times must be
  clearly marked in the log and be a minimum of 15 minutes
o Multi-Operator entries may operate the full 30 hours
o Stations may be worked once on CW and once on Phone, per band
o Single Operator and Multi-single entries are allowed only one
  transmitting signal
o All CW contacts must be made in the CW sub-band except for 160 meters.
  MCW is not permitted
o All contacts must be simplex
o California stations that change counties are considered to be a new
  station and my be contacted again for point and multiplier credit.
  Calif. stations operating on a county line may be counted as only one

All logs and *signed* summary sheets must be submitted to:

  c/o Ken Anderson, K6PU
  Box 853
  Pine Grove, CA  95665

Entries may be submitted in CT Version 8 format with .BIN, .SUM, and
.ALL files on DOS format 5-1/4 or 3-1/2 diskettes (no 2.88M diskettes)
with a signed hard copy summary sheet.  Label each diskette with call
entry category and state/county/province/country.  All entries must be
postmarked no later than 15 November 1993.  Please include $1.00 for
results if desired.  Entries of 200 or more QSOs must include
duplicate check lists.  For a CQP paperwork package containing log and
summary sheets, county abbreviations, and contest records send a
business size SASE to the above address.

Certificates and a special CQP wine glass -- to top Single Op entry in
each CA county, state, province, country, and stations with 100 or more

Trophies -- to top three non-CA Single OP entries, top three CA Single
Op, top CA Multi-Single, top CA Multi-Nulti, top Single and Multi-op CA
county expeditions.

Special CQP Wine Award -- the top 20 CA and top 20 non-CA operators will
receive a personalized bottle of NCCC Private Reserve California Wine.
Winners under the age of 21 will receive a nonalcoholic personalized

Special Trophies -- to the CA and on-CA single OPs with the most QSOs,
the most CW QSOs, and the most Phone QSOs, to the mobile Single Op or
Team with the most QSOs, to the top CA and non-CA Single Op low power
entries (200 watts or less output), to the top CA and non-CA Single-Op
Novice/Technician entries, to the top scorer outside of the USA and
Canada, and to the top club in California (5 entries minimum, NCCC and
SCCC are ineligible).

Bob, N6TV

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