93 CQWW WPX SSB High Claimed Scores

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Wed Sep 29 10:09:00 EDT 1993

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	In case anyone else was wondering, I called CQ today regarding the 

publishment of High Claimed
Scores for WPX.  They indicated they will be published in the November 

issue of CQ.

73,   Bob   W9NQ.

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>From Robert A. Wilson" <n6tv at vnet.IBM.COM  Wed Sep 29 18:02:23 1993
From: Robert A. Wilson" <n6tv at vnet.IBM.COM (Robert A. Wilson)
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 93 10:02:23 PDT
Subject: Official 1993 CQP Reserve-Your-County List

As of 9/29/93 0535Z, I have commitments from the following stations
to operate in the 1993 California QSO Party, 1600Z Oct 2 - 2200Z Oct 3.

Let's make this CQP the best ever!

Bob, N6TV
1993 CQP County Coordinator

County             Station(s)
------------------ -----------------------------------------
(Multiple)         WA6FIT/M, N6AU, AA6KX, K6MO/MM

Alameda            K1XJ, N6OP, K6BZS, N6EK
Alpine             K6AAW(lim), N6AU, WA6FIT/M, KM6OH, KI6OS
Amador             KN6BD, K6BPB, K6PU, AA6EW
Butte              N6RER, K6KM(+WM2C), KN6EL
Calaveras          WA6FGV, N6TNX, K6RK, KK6C
Colusa             AA6KX
Contra Costa       K6MO/MM, WI6N, WB6DSV
Del Norte          AA6UN
El Dorado          W6TVP(lim), WA6FIT/M, KD6WI
Fresno             N6GJI, W6DPD
Glenn              AA6LB/M(+NV6O), AD6E
Humboldt           W6JTI
Imperial           N7CW(lim), KD6LNY(Tech)
Inyo               N6BT, N7STU(Tech)
Kern               WB6RXE(lim), KM6CB, W6KUS
Kings              K6OZL
Lake               AA6KX, N6YEU
Lassen             KJ6MD, K6JKC
Los Angeles        KC6QOQ,AB6FO,W6FA,WB6GBR,KG6VI,KC6ACI(lim),WB6NFO,KD6MN
Madera             KD6FW
Marin              WA6CTA, W6ZQK(lim), K6MO/MM
Mariposa           N6OM
Mendocino          KB6LZW, AA6MC, KB6GV
Merced             N6ZB
Modoc              WB6IUU
Mono               N6AU, WA6FIT/M, NZ6N, WA6GDS
Monterey           N6NM, WD6CKT(lim)
Napa               W6OSP, W6FSJ
Nevada             WA6FIT/M, WA6AUE
Orange             N6HC, KI6YE, W6SX, N4ARO
Placer             WA6FIT/M, W1FEA
Plumas             KD6VWQ, WA6FIT/M
Riverside          W6TKV, W6EEN(KA6SAR)
Sacramento         KM6VU(lim), K6DR, K6SG, KF6A, W6NKR
San Benito         KG6GF
San Bernardino     W6HAL
San Diego          W6MVW, KK6XN, N6YZJ, WD6EKR, WA6UFY, W6UQF, N6CDA
San Francisco      K6ILM, W6BIP
San Joaquin        W6FAH, KJ6DL
San Luis Obispo    AB6GY, W6TKF
San Mateo          N6NF, W6KZJ, W6OAT, W6XR
Santa Barbara      AC6T
Santa Clara        N6TV, N6TPT, N6WLF, WA6HRK
Santa Cruz         AB6EQ, N6TU
Shasta             WJ6Q
Sierra             N6JM
Siskiyou           WA6OZZ(+N6EZN)
Solano             K7VA/6,W6ROY,KM6AC,KC6NKM,W6JSB,KK6XA,K6MO/MM,N6WVF,AA6GM
Sonoma             KD6GC, WA8LLY/6, K6MO/MM
Stanislaus         KK6TE, WG6P
Tehema             W6JEX
Trinity            AA6DX, W6HOR
Tulare             WB6YIK(+KC6HJJ), W6IFC
Tuolomne           KI6PG, N6UUG, N6AU, WA6FIT/M, WW6D
Ventura            N6VR, KK6CY
Yolo               N6YKL
Yuba               W6BSY(+KC6QHA)

>From rklein at lobo.rmh.pr1.k12.co.us (Ronald D. Klein)  Wed Sep 29 20:11:18 1993
From: rklein at lobo.rmh.pr1.k12.co.us (Ronald D. Klein) (Ronald D. Klein)
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 93 13:11:18 MDT
Subject: Sprint logs (fwd)
Message-ID: <9309291911.AA25213 at lobo.rmh.pr1.k12.co.us>

Forwarded message:
> Date: Wed, 29 Sep 93 11:05:40 EDT
> Subject: Sprint logs
> To: cq-contest at tgv.com
>      I join with Tree in urging that Sprint logs be sent in machine-
> readable form.  The parameters Tree stated work for me too.  In addition
> you can send your log on Internet (aoniswan at ecuvm.cis.ecu.edu).  Your
> assistance helps make this contest a better one.  Thanks.
>                                          Rick, K7GM/4
I certainly prefer this method of entry. The last two contests I have entered 
(Field Day and Phone Sprint) have been by Internet. I'd like to see the 
ability to enter CQWW and SS this way as well. I also vote for eliminating the 
paper summary sheet with signature requirement. It seems to me that by signing 
on to an e-mail system, you are authenticating your "signature". Granted, some 
hacker "could" break your password and sign on, but a forged signature on a 
paper summary sheet "could" also happen. Clearly, an acknowledgement 
confirming receipt of your entry is in order. In fact, perhaps this should 
include a copy of your electronic summary to verify what you think you sent is 
what they think you sent.

I once heard a story about the weight of the CQWW logs that the checkers deal 
with...pretty awesome. Obviously, the paper entries will be a long time going 
away, but for those of us with e-mail capability, I would like to see the 
sponsors develop a way of using the electronic form instead of paper.

Ron - W0OSK

>From YOKOYAMA Muneharu <hal-y at tkyux.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp>  Thu Sep 30 09:20:03 1993
From: YOKOYAMA Muneharu <hal-y at tkyux.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp> (YOKOYAMA Muneharu)
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 93 17:20:03 +0900
Message-ID: <9309300820.AA21656 at tkyux.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp>

Call used: JL1ZCG
Location: Japan, Asia, Zone 25

Entry Class: Multi Op, Single Xmit 

Band    QSOs   Pts   QTH    DX  Zones
80         5    11     2     4     3
40        96   260     5    40    17
20       320   911    34    64    30
15       258   729    16    68    25
10         6    16     0     6     5
Total    685  1927    57   182    80

Score: 614713

Claimed Score: 614713

Power Output: 500

Operators list



This score is not the final, because the WF1B's RTTY program has
some strange "features" in counting points and multipliers :-).
We never dreamed that the score would decrease from last year!
The conditions to NA were terribly bad. We lost more than sixty
states/provinces compared with last. And an accident with 40m
anttena in the middle of the Sunday night damaged the score a lot.

Rumor: UZ9CWA told us that they had worked more than 1,200 Q's at
1500z Sunday.

73, Hal, JO1BMV
hal-y at tkyux.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp

>From Mikko Noromaa <mnoromaa at vipunen.hut.fi>  Thu Sep 30 15:43:58 1993
From: Mikko Noromaa <mnoromaa at vipunen.hut.fi> (Mikko Noromaa)
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1993 16:43:58 +0200 (EET)
Subject: The CQ WW RTTY score of OH3LIM
Message-ID: <199309301443.AA184441 at vipunen.hut.fi>

  Here is my score in last weekend's CQ RTTY-contest.
  Band    QSOs    Pts     Zones   Cntries States
  80      36      71      5       22      1
  40      65      143     11      30      2
  20      268     689     24      61      36
  15      128     336     18      39      2
  10      13      30      6       10      0
  Total   510     1269    64      162     41
             ...which makes 338,823 points
My class was SOABLP (Single Operator / All Band / Low Power). Anybody else has
did a score in this category? Would be nice to know how well I did.
Anyway, 5 new ones on RTTY was more than enough (total now about 160), and
I'm especially glad I got VK9MM so easily.
Hope to hear all of you next year! 73 de Mikko OH3LIM
/*  Mikko Noromaa                 **  Amateur radio callsign: OH3LIM      */
/*  email: Mikko.Noromaa at hut.fi   **  Pkt addr: OH3LIM at OH3RBA.#HML.FIN.EU */
/*  or: mnoromaa at vipunen.hut.fi   *****************************************/
/*  Postal address: Kanavamaki 13 E 23, 00840 Helsinki, FINLAND           */

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