rthorne at VNET.IBM.COM rthorne at VNET.IBM.COM
Thu Apr 7 09:48:02 EDT 1994

Well the consensus is that Heil works fine with the TS-850S.  Out of the 10
or so replies (thanks everybody) only 2 say they have problems.

So I suspect I have a few other problems.  I'm going to call Kenwood today
to get their advice.

Let me give you all a little more info.  For starters I'm used to the analog
meter on my TS-440S and now I'm using a digital meter, a change.  But I still
think I'm having a problem, and it may be that the meter is not doing its job.

I tested the rig with W1IHN on 75 meters last night and he said the audio was
strong and clear.  However, the meter readings were hardly budging, with the
processor and mic controls in the 2 to 3 o'clock postion.  However, power
output was up in the 80 to 90 watt range the way it should be.

My bird watt meter (not a peak reading model) was pushing the needle to the
05 to 10 watt range.

Is it possible that the digital meter needs adjustment?

Any additional comments would be appreciated.  After I talk with Kenwood, I'll
update the reflector.

Rich - WB5M

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