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Tue Apr 19 09:49:14 EDT 1994

Could someone with a 14.4 modem and the ability and willingness to do this
FTP give me a call at work and let me download it from you?  

Assumed knowledge of host mode and ZMODEM greatly appreciated.


Bill KM9P

800-995-4274  Tell the receptionist your callsign or I'll think your another
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>From DKMC" <dkmc at  Tue Apr 19 14:11:21 1994
From: DKMC" <dkmc at (DKMC)
Date: 19 Apr 94 06:11:21 PDT
Subject: K1VR net addressing
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 From: McCarty, DK 'David'
 Subject:  K1VR net addressing
 Date: 1994-04-19 08:00



 While we're on the subject of internet addressing, I've got a few questions
 about Fred Hopengarten's address and the internet in general.

 >To: cq-contest at

 >Subject: Radial Inquiry (fwd)
 >Forwarded message:
 >From jjmhome!k1vr!k1vr at Mon Apr 18 13:09:27 1994
 >Date:      Mon, 18 Apr 1994 08:56:15 EDT
 >From: "Fred Hopengarten" <jjmhome!k1vr!k1vr at>
 >Message-Id: <2db28374.k1vr at k1vr.UUCP>
 >Reply-To: "Fred Hopengarten" <k1vr%k1vr.UUCP at>
 >To: kleinhaj at
 >Subject:   Radial Inquiry

 >For technical reasons which no one has yet satisfactorily
 >explained, I cannot put out anything on the Contest
 >Reflector, so AA2DU has relayed the following inquiry.
 >Please respond to either the reflector or to K1VR at:
 >k1vr!k1vr.UUCP at

 Fred's address shows up on my Microsoft Mail system with a right bracket
 between the repeats of his call.  I've noticed that the exclamation point
 character generally ends up being converted to right bracket, and vice
 versa, in any message I get from the internet.  I don't know if this happens
 to other unusual characters, but I suspect it does.  Somehow this is
 happening between the internet portal (unix box) which receives mail from
 the internet, the PROFS system which is in general use in Chevron, and the
 MS Mail PC LAN stuff used locally.  When I try to send mail to Fred, I
 cannot.  I get undeliverable messages, whether I reply (automatic
 addressing) or explicitly compose and address the note to him.

 1.  What is the significance of the repeated callsign and the exclamation
 point in front?

 2.  How do I send a message to fred?

 3.  How do these character translations occur?

 Now I notice his reply-to address has a percent sign between the repeats
 (see above).

 4.  Is this another translation or do people's reply-to addresses differ
 from their usual addresses?

 I'd rather study HF propagation than the ins-and-outs of the internet and
 e-mail.  Could someone knowledgeable straighten me out on this?

 73, Dave

 David K. McCarty, K5GN
 dkmc at

>From jmc at (Jim Cannon  x4819)  Tue Apr 19 14:17:00 1994
From: jmc at (Jim Cannon  x4819) (Jim Cannon  x4819)
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 94 06:17 PDT
Subject: List
Message-ID: <m0ptFfm-001EsHC at>


>From rmarosko at (Ron Marosko)  Tue Apr 19 10:08:15 1994
From: rmarosko at (Ron Marosko) (Ron Marosko)
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 1994 09:08:15
Subject: PED Ver 4.11i CW Pileup Trainer has been released
Message-ID: <rmarosko.178.00092388 at>

In article <199404191108.AA2741048057 at> kitagawa at ee.ES.Osaka-U.AC.JP (masa/JH3PRR) writes:

>Ver 4.11i of PED CW Pileup Trainer for IBM-PC has been released by
>JE3MAS MasIII Hiroyuki Kozu <KHD00751 at> and is
>currently available by anonymous ftp from

>  /pub/radio/ped
>     61200   for IBM-PC in ZIP


For those wishing to acquire the file, but don't have full Internet access, 
I've just FTP'ed the file down to my local system and uploaded it to my 
landline BBS for general acquisition.

PED411i.ZIP is available on USS Pegasus, 713-777-0821. Supporting all speeds 
from 9600 up to 28800 on V.32bis, V.32Ter, V.FC, and HST. Open 24 hours. 2400 
baud users must preregister with me, as the system will kick out any new users 
under 9600 baud. Mail me at kb5nfn at or rmarosko at with 
a login name and password if you wish to preregister.

The file is located in the Amateur Radio file area, #5. For those with FidoNet 
capability, the file is requestable under its name, at 1:106/9636.

USS Pegasus is the official BBS of the Texas DX Society.

Vy 73,
     Ron KB5NFN

>From rmarosko at (Ron Marosko)  Tue Apr 19 10:15:43 1994
From: rmarosko at (Ron Marosko) (Ron Marosko)
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 1994 09:15:43
Subject: PED Ver 4.11i CW Pileup Trainer has been released
Message-ID: <rmarosko.179.00094354 at>

In article <199404191108.AA2741048057 at> kitagawa at ee.ES.Osaka-U.AC.JP (masa/JH3PRR) writes:

>     61200   for IBM-PC in ZIP

I should note, this file is compressed with version 2.04g of PKZIP. If you get 
a message to the effect of "Warning, I don't know how to handle...." or 
"Unsupported compression method" when trying to unzip the file, you are likely 
using version 1.10 of PKZIP/PKUNZIP. 

Those needing version 2.04g of PKZIP, it is also available on my BBS, as 
PKZ204G.EXE (self-extracting archive), located in file area #1.

Vy 73,
   Ron KB5NFN

>From modular!eric at (Eric Gustafson)  Tue Apr 19 17:00:59 1994
From: modular!eric at (Eric Gustafson) (Eric Gustafson)
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 94 09:00:59 MST
Subject: Summary - grounding
Message-ID: <9404191600.AA13239 at modular>


Polyphaser is a good source for lightning protection information.  Our
company uses their products and has had quite a bit of experience with
field application of their published information.  They know what they are
talking about.  You must read _carefully_ what they are saying about
coiling the feedline drop from the tower base to the "ground window" or
"entry bulkhead" ground point at the shack.  If you do, you will find that
they are making sense.  When routing this drop, keep in mind that coupling
to the magnetic field around the tower is proportional to the enclosed area
of the loop _and_ the orientation of the loop relative to the field lines.
This fact and practical reality dictate that the feedline should exit as
low as possible on the tower and remain as close to the ground as possible
for the run to the shack.

73,  Eric  N7CL

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6730 S. Old Spanish Trail             | is far away.
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