Laptop for rent?

zf8bs at zf8bs at
Thu Aug 4 14:34:21 EDT 1994

First off, be aware that IBM is shutting down the Ahmbra division (or 
however you spell it).  This was just announced last week.  They couldn't 
make money off it.  That COULD account for the bargain-basement price.  
Unless you're sure of what your're doing, this could result in problems 
getting add-on parts, replacements, and maybe even service.  With a laptop, 
this is more of an issue than with a regular PC.  They always seem to break,
and you will have difficulty going in and board-swapping.

Secondly, let me offer one unexpected warning about taking a laptop to the 
tropics.  In the tropics (this includes PJ7), there are these ugly little 
beasts called "mosquitoes".  Sometimes, there are LOTS of them.  To protect 
yourself, one typically applies insect repellant.  Since you put it on with 
your hands (usually), it stays on your hands.  It will dry, though, so you 
think everything is fine and you're protected.  Until well into the contest 
when your head is in a fog and you suddenly notice that the keycaps on your 
new laptop feel sticky.  Actually, that's just the plastic DISOLVING from the 
DET in the repellant.  It was reactivated by the inevitable perspiration.  
And the keycaps won't dry out for DAYS!  (I know.  I did all of this on 
Little Cayman last year.)  When they do finally dry, these keycaps have the 
most unusual texture to them.

So are you still sure you want to rent your soon-to-be new laptop?

                                         Bruce, AA6KX

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