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World Radiosport Team Championship  1995

Information Release #1

   This Information Release provides preliminary information about the second
World Radiosport Team Championship.  Planning is in a preliminary stage.  Some
details may be adjusted based on further review.

   This information may be freely distributed and published within the amateur
radio community.  Comments should be addressed to the co-chairmen or the
administration office.

1.	Time

   The World Radiosport Team Championship  1995 ("WRTC-95") shall be conducted
within the 1995 IARU World HF Radio Championship contest ("IARU Contest"). 
All rules of the IARU contest shall apply to WRTC-95 unless otherwise stated

2.	Location

   WRTC-95 shall be conducted in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area.

3.	Administration, Hosting Organization & Dedication

   At the invitation of the organizers of the first WRTC-90, the Potomac
Valley Radio Club (PVRC) shall lead the organization of WRTC-95.  It is
expected that PVRC will include many other clubs and individuals in the
organization of WRTC-95.

   The organizers of WRTC-95 shall be generally referred to as the
Administration.  Annex A gives preliminary information about the
Administration.  Subsequent Information Release will contain further details
about the Administration.

   The Administration dedicates WRTC-95 in memory of PVRC's charter member,
Mr. Leonard Chertok W3GRF, who became a silent key in 1994.  W3GRF was a
world-class contester whose enthusiasm, operating skills, station engineering
skills, and guidance to others remains as an inspiration to all.

4.	Competitors

   The competitors shall be two-person teams.  Both members of a team shall
reside in the same IARU zone.

4.1	Applications

   Applications for team membership may be requested from the Administration
between 1994 Sep 1 and 1994 Dec 31.

   To be considered, applications shall be returned by mail or fax to the
Administration.  The deadline for submission of applications shall be 1994 Dec
31.  Applications sent by mail and postmarked after 1994 Dec 31 shall not be
considered.  Applications sent by fax but received after 1994 Dec 31/2359Z
shall not be considered.

   Receipt of each application before the deadline shall be confirmed via mail
or fax by the Administration.  Applications received after the deadline shall
be discarded by the Administration and the applicant so notified.

   Any licensed amateur radio operator ("operator") shall be permitted to
submit one individual application.  The Administration shall evaluate an
individual application based on the information provided about the operator.

   Any operator shall also be permitted to join in the submission of one or
more team applications.  A team application is an application made by two
operators who reside in the same IARU zone.  The Administration shall evaluate
a team application based on the information provided about both operators.

4.2	Qualification Criteria

   Team members shall be choosen by the Administration from the pool of
qualified applications.  To qualify, an application must:

a)	be received by the Administration before the deadline specified above.

b)	identify and prove residency within a particular IARU zone.  For team
applications, both operators must prove residency withi the same IARU zone. 
Examples of proof of residency are: government-issued residency permit, income
tax statement within the previous 12 months showing residency within a
government's jurisdiction, statement from local police department.

  	Note    The possession of a passport or visa and the mere ownership of
   real estate (e.g., a house) is insufficient to prove residency.

c)	show that the operator(s) holds a currently-valid amateur radio license
issued (or accepted under an existing reciprocal agreement by) the government
for the location of residency.

d)	show that the operator(s) agrees to be bound by all decisions of the

e)	for individual applications, show that the operator agrees to compete in a
team formed with any other operator choosen by the Administration.

f)	show that the operators(s) shall be responsible for their own travel and
living expenses, and for obtaining any necessary visas or permits to travel to
the United States of America for the WRTC-95.

  	Note  1   The Administration shall obtain operating licenses valid for
   WRTC-95 for the competitors.  However, each competitor shall submit any
   further documentation required by the Administration to obtain licenses, in
   accordance with deadlines set by the Administration.

  	Note 2   The Administration intends to assist competitors in locating
   appropriate local housing.

g)	provide information contest achievements as required for rating (see

   The Administration reserves the right to request further documentation in
any unclear cases.  Each operator, by submitting an application, agrees to
provide any requested documentation before the deadline set by the

   If requested information is not received by the corresponding deadline, the
Administration shall be permitted to disqualify the application from further

4.3	Selection Criteria

   The Administration shall select the competing teams according to the
following general process:

a)	Prior to 1994 Dec 31, the Administration shall identify a number of station
locations ("WRTC QTHs") within the Washington DC-Baltimore area to be used for
the WRTC-95.  As an objective, the Administration plans approximately fifty
WRTC QTHs; however, the exact number of QTHs may be more or less.

b)	During 1995 January  March, the Administration shall rate each IARU zone's
potential teams, as described below.

   There shall be two routes by which an operator/team can be initially
selected to compete: as the primary zone team, or as an additional zone team.

   Primary Zone Team:
c)	The highest-rated team from each IARU zone which submits a qualified
application shall be selected to compete as the Primary Zone Team.

d)	If teams apply from more IARU zones than WRTC QTHs (e.g., qualified
applications from 55 zones but only 50 QTHs), then only the IARU zones with
the highest scoring teams shall be selected to compete.  In this case, there
shall be no Additional Zone Teams.

  	Note    It is the intent of the Administration to make every effort to
   provide a WRTC QTH for each IARU zone which makes a qualified application.

   Additional Zone Team:
e)	If, after one team from each IARU zone has been selected, there remain
additional available WRTC QTHs, then Additional Zone Teams shall be selected
as follows.  All  remaining applications shall be ranked according to their
ratings.  The highest rated teams shall be selected, regardless of zone, until
all remaining WRTC QTHs are filled.

   Alternate Operators:
f)	All qualified applicants who were not selected for either a Primary or
Additional Zone Team shall be ranked as alternates.  In the event that a
selected operator is not able to compete (e.g., due to illness or sudden
scheduling conflicts), the highest ranking available alternate operator from
the same IARU zone shall be selected to participate.  If, for any reason
(e.g., late notice), it becomes impossible to use an alternate operator from
the same IARU zone, the Administration shall attempt to complete the team with
the highest-ranking available operator from a nearby IARU zone.

   Selected teams and alternate operators shall be notified by the
Administration during 1995 March-April.

4.3.1	Rating Team Applications

   Each operator within the applying team shall be assigned a numerical rating
according to contest achievements for contests whose results have been
published during 1990-1994.

   The applying team shall then be assigned an overall team rating which is
the sum of the two operators' individual ratings.

   If either operator has indicated, in the application, that he or she is
also willing to be rated in combination with other operators from the same
IARU zone, that person's individual rating shall also be considered as an
individual application, as described below.

   Note    Any operator shall be permitted to apply as part of several teams
   within the same IARU zone.  For example, OH2MM might choose to submit an
   application together with OH2RF, with LA2GV, and with SMAGD (who are also
   residents of the same IARU zone).  Each potential team will be rated
   separately; i.e., ratings will be calculated for OH2MM+OH2RF, OH2MM+LA2GV,
   and OH2MM+SMAGD.

4.3.2	Rating Individual Applications

   The applying operator shall be assigned a numerical rating according to
contest achievements for contests whose results have been published during

   The Administration shall then create prospective teams from all possible
combinations of individual operators within the same IARU zone.  Each such
prospective team shall be assigned an overall team rating which is the sum of
the two operators' individual ratings.

   Example    K1DG, K1AR, and N3RS all submit qualified individual
   applications.  In addition, K4BAI and K4PQL submitted a team application
   but also indicated that both of them are willing to be considered
   individually.  Finally, N2AA and K5NA submit a team application, but only
   K5NA indicates that he would be willing to be considered individually.

   In this example, the following individual operators would be considered for
   prospective teams in this IARU zone:  K1DG, K1AR, N3RS, K4BAI, K4PQL, and
   K5NA.  Team ratings would be calculated for the fifteen possible pairings
   of these individuals.  These fifteen team ratings would then be ranked,
   along with the team rating for N2AA+K5NA (a team application), in selecting
   the Primary Zone Team.  The same rankings will be used in selecting
   Additional Zone Teams.

5.	Special Rules of Competition

5.1	Operator class

   Each team shall enter the multi-single mixed mode class of the IARU

5.2	Stations

5.2.1	Radios and antennas

   The Administration expects that the WRTC QTH stations will have similar
equipment and antennas.  A uniform transmitter power level shall be chosen for
all stations.  At present an output power within the range of 500-750W is
planned, depending on availability of equipment.

   A PacketCluster connection shall be available at each WRTC QTH.  DX spots
may be transmitted and received.  Special referee functions may also be
implemented over the PacketCluster network, including but not limited to
automatic periodic reporting of line scores to the Administration.

   As an objective, similar or identical transceivers shall be provided at
each WRTC QTH.  However, a team may bring its own transceivers if both team
members agree in writing.  In this case, the team members are responsible for
shipping, customs clearance, and interfacing to antenna connectors, electrical
power, etc.  110VAC 60 Hz with USA connectors shall be assumed.

   Each operator shall bring his/her own headphones, microphone, and CW keyer
paddles.  A CW memory keyer or voice memory keyer may also be supplied by the
operator.  Time will be available during the week prior to the contest to
install and debug operator-provided equipment.

5.2.2	Computers

   Computer logging shall be available at all WRTC QTHs.  Under present plans,
suitable IBM-compatible computers shall be provided by the Administration. 
Each team may choose either CT or N6TR software.

   Note   Keyboards shall be provided in the QWERTY (American English)
   format.  Operators may provide their own keyboards or computers and the
   Administration may assist in efforts to incorporate this equipment.
   However, equipment compatibility can not be guaranteed and, in the event of
   incompatibility, the computer configuration shall revert to that provided
   by the Administration.

   Other operator-provided logging software may be allowed after a review by
the Administration for compatibility with PacketCluster and log analysis
software.  There are special requirements for WRTC-95 operation.  Operators
contemplating the use of operator-provided software must contact the
Administration sufficiently in advance for information on these requirements
and for compatibility analysis.

5.2.3	Station assignment

   Each team shall be assigned at random to a WRTC QTH.  Assignments shall be
made simultaneously for all teams, not less than one week before the start of
the contest.  Operators shall have access to their assigned station at
reasonable hours once assignments have been completed.  The Administration
shall set uniform hours of access for all stations, taking into consideration
the needs of QTH owners and their families.

   All operators shall respect their status as guests of the QTH owners and
their families and behave accordingly.

5.2.4	Callsigns

   Tests and other operations prior to and after the contest shall use any
callsign assigned to the operators and station owner(s) which complies with
FCC regulations.

   Shortly before the start of the contest, each team shall be randomly
assigned a callsign for use only during the contest.  It is intended that time
will be available to program keyers, software, etc with the contest callsign. 
However, the contest callsign shall not be used nor revealed to any other
person before the start of the contest.

5.3	Logging

   Computer logging during the contest shall be required.

   Each team may review and alter its computer log (e.g., to correct errors,
remove questionable QSOs, etc) prior to the log submission deadline. 
Duplicate QSOs shall be left in the computer log with an appropriate
annotation (typically generated by the software automatically).

   The log submission deadline is one hour after the end of the IARU contest
period.  All teams shall submit their log on a diskette to a referee prior to
the log submission deadline.

   Contents of the computer logs and observations by the referees shall be the
only basis for scoring.

5.4	Contest operating period

   It is planned that each team may use the entire permitted operating period
of the contest as defined by the contest rules for multi-single stations.

   The Administration shall have the right to suspend operations at any time
for any reason.

   Example:  The Administration could suspend operations at all WRTC QTHs when
   a thunderstorm prevents safe operation at any one of the WRTC QTH.

   Operations shall be suspended, and may be resumed, simultaneously at all
WRTC QTHs in accordance with instructions from the referees.  When operations
are suspended, each station shall be treated as if all equipment was powered
off.  For example, listening, transmitting, use of computers, adjustment of
equipment, and logging (e.g., reviewing and correcting the log) by any
operator is prohibited.

5.5	Scoring for WRTC-95 awards purposes

   The score of each team shall be calculated in accordance with the contest
rules, except as noted below.

   Any callsign worked by a team which does not appear in at least one other
team's log ("unique callsign") shall be removed by the Administration for
scoring purposes.  This adjustment shall be made during the review of logs by
the Administration after the log submission deadline.

   If a unique callsign represents a multiplier, multiplier credit will remain
if another valid, non-unique QSO with that multiplier location occurs in the

6.	Awards

   The top three teams shall receive awards.  The Administration may choose to
provide additional forms of recognition.

7.	Miscellaneous

   Competitors displaying obnoxious or unsportsmanlike behavior may be
disqualified or excluded by the Administration from WRTC-95 functions.

   All participants shall comply with the instructions and rulings of the
Administration.  The decisions of the Administration shall be considered
binding and final.

   Commerical use of the term "World Radiosport Team Championship", "WRTC",
and associated logos by any organization without written permission of the
Administration shall be prohibited.

Annex A  Administration

  	Eric L. Scace  K3NA
	  10701 Five Forks Road
	  Frederick  MD  21701-1674
	  tel:  +1-301-293-2448

  	Howard Leake  W6AXX
	  4744 Gawain Drive
	  Ellicott City MD  211043-6710
	  tel:  +1-410-465-7008

administration offices:
	  c/o Hayman Systems
	  14700 Sweitzer Lane
	  Laurel MD  20707-5905
	  fax: +1-301-470-1580

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