AC1O/4 NAQP Score

AC1O at AC1O at
Sun Aug 7 14:51:15 EDT 1994

AC1O/4 NAQP CW Score: 
493 QSO's x 158 Multipliers = 77,894
Too bad these results will never make the NCJ, and too bad my score won't 
count for my club, the Florida CW Contest Group, in this, its initial NAQP 
effort.  My NA logging program crashed Sunday morning when I exited it via 
"Write log to disk" (my NA.EXE file erased itself??) -- and my SAVELOG that 
I performed right after the contest last night (on to a brand new Sony 
diskette) wound up turning my first 390 Q's (including a 60-Q first hour 
on 20) into indecipherable gibberish. 
(And I thought the 3 1/2 hours of thunderstorms which hit here just before 
15-meter prime time on Saturday afternoon were problem enough...) 
>From what I remember, though, the contest was a lot of fun... especially 
the sporadic E opening on 10 Saturday evening.  (This was also my first NAQP
with a PRO-96 at 80' instead of an R-7 at 33'; it did make a difference...)  
73 de Walt, AC1O/4   "ac1o at"   "Multipliers Are (or Were, anyway)" 

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