1st EU championship S5 scores

Marijan.Miletic at IJS.si Marijan.Miletic at IJS.si
Tue Aug 9 13:22:23 EDT 1994

Hi contesters,

TU VY MUCH for participating in 1st EU championship in such a great NR!
We are especially grateful to old-timers which showed above the average.

DX patience for 12 hours is highly appreciated as well as:
"You are 59+ in California" encouragements!
(Low power 100W restriction proposal was rejected with 7:2 votes)

Slovenia Contest Club as the organiser did not forsee such a response as 
we proposed the rules just a few month ago.  Ex USSR was missing and CQ DL
did not publish the rules.  Lot of packet radio advertising was done instead.

Unfortunately, EUC clashed with well established YO contest and we are already
considering time change to 10 - 22 Z.

Here are some of the leading S5 claimed scores:

CALL  ex YU3  Name    CW    SSB   QSO    Mult   Kilo
S59A     ZV   Drago  360    233   593     220    201
S50A     EY   Tine   290    302   592     216    191
S56A     EA   Mario  206    424   630     184    154
S53R     PR   Robert 267    185   452     183    133
S51FA    FA   Frank   ?      ?    359     145     85
S59AA    BC   Franc  379     -    379     185    140
S59L     GQ   Leon    -     378   378     137     51

I managed 54 mults (year of first license) on 14 MHz but lacked CW QSO
and multipliers!

CU WAE CW this weekend & give us QTC, please!

73 de Mario, S56A, S57MM, N1YU, ex YU3EA, YU1PCF.

email: Marijan.Miletic at IJS.SI

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